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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. I know that it can be frustrating answering the same questions over and over, so thanks. I think im going with Red Jacket.
  2. WHat you guys dont understand is the amount of topics you get when you search for "conversions". Maybe somebody should make a sticky for new people coming in and need to know where to go for good conversions. Is there a list somewhere off reputable conversion dealers? Thats all i need.
  3. looking to get a saiga converted. Who does the best and cleanest conversions and has a good reputation around here? thanks guys.
  4. how is the recoil on it? what does the .308 offer in your opinion that the 7.62 doesnt?
  5. thinking of getting a 308 and had some questions. how is the recoil of the .308 saiga compared to the 7.62? is it minimal or a big difference? are you able to have control and pull subsequent shots quickly?
  6. for instance, i initially was interested in 7.62 but then i started to think that if i got a .223 or 308 it would be a little more accurate at around 200 yards. i think the .223 would be cool, but i dont know where i could get reliable .223 US made mags. i am not converting to pistol grip and i am changing one other thing to get 922r compliance. the .308 is awesome but the us made 20 round mags are around $45 a piece and i assume it has a lot of recoil and twice as loud. so what do you guys think?
  7. hey guys, i want to get a saiga but im not sure if i want it in 7.62, 223, or 308. i am considering recoil, ability to get US made hicap mags, price of good ammo, and ballistics of said calibers. all advice is welcome.
  8. may be interested in a couple of the 20 round mags if you split them up
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