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  1. Sorry, didn't know it was against the rules.
  2. I'd like to hear your opinions about the fair market value for this Saiga 12: Thanks!
  3. Think the capacities of the US Palm ones are supposed to be only 30 and 45! For the extra price and complexity, that sure is lame.
  4. I guess I can't blame people for trying to protect their jobs. How many companies, gunsmiths, manufacturers, and other people would be unemployed quickly if 922r went away. I personally don't like 922r but a lot of Americans have jobs because of it. Some of these companies have been very innovative in the market too. Many of these products would have never seen the light of day without funds to R&D it. Americans spending time and money manufacturing parts that other countries already make better and more cheaply is a total waste. All the money and time they spend duplicating triggers etc they could spend making brand new, creative parts. All the money gun owners spend replacing parts on their guns to comply with an insane law could be spent... buying NEW GUNS. Anyway, great job for the NRA!!!!
  5. I'm not sure about the implications, but it looks like Saiga 12 importation may eventually get some protection: http://www.pagunblog.com/2011/11/17/while-our-opponents-were-distracted/ Very nice.
  6. There are rumors: http://www.shotgunnews.com/2011/11/02/new-molot-products-bound-for-the-us-vepr-12-tactical-shotgun/
  7. btr

    Nifty, BHO mod

    Looks like a very clever mod.
  8. I think it looks terrific! I like your modified romy folder. How'd you do it?
  9. Don't take it off. You will reduce the monetary value of your gun by doing so. It is designed to have a scope rail, and can be used with a red dot sight. It will leave you with holes in the side of your reciever you will have to plug up.
  10. K-var had some a while ago. Don't know if they still have them. Could call and see if they have a few in the back.
  11. You are right, what I though was an ejection port looks like a loading port. Too bad for cross dominant folks like me too. Looks way cooler than the keltec.
  12. Someone mentioned the UTS 15 is right side eject only. Looking at the images, it looks like there is an ejection port cover on both sides of the reciever. Maybe it can be switched? Does anyone else see this?
  13. I wonder if this stock might induce malfunctions, like shooting from the hip sometimes does?
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