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  1. Bump this back up as I have a specific question, and it seems you guys know the answer. Can the Russian FSB/GB be used to convert a 5.45 Saiga into an AK-105 pattern or is the gas port hole on the Saiga located such that the Bulgarian FSB/GB is the only one that will work? It is damn tempting to fire off an order for one of those SGL32-61s and snag the Russian side folders KVAR has right now and call it good. I knwo the front site would be wrong, but with all of the crap stamped/penciled onto the Receiver is may not matter...of course, one could always have the builder "wipe" the receiver and add the correct Russian markings...
  2. Stock off the shelf Tapco G2. I am able to bumpfire an entire mag from the shoulder and keep the rounds on a 5' x 3' target at 15 yards. YMMV.
  3. Huge +1 on that. I have 1 and fell in love with it. Good news is, Mike Davidson is going to be coming out with a US made copy of it (minus the finger grooves) at some point. I'm sure it will be cheaper than the factory Izhmash, and of course, it will count as a US made part. Which is the only "downfall" (if you even want to call it that) of the Izhmash grip; counts against your 922 compliance. I originally had a regular AK grip. WAY to small for my hands, and I have average size hands, IMO. Where does one find this grip? I have an extra 922r part so I can use this grip, I just can't find someplace that sells them.
  4. I just paid $312 for NIB .223 saiga. 7.62s were priced the same, .308 a little more.
  5. I am looking for KVAR part number AK-142B, it is the gasblock front site you find on the 100 series compacts. I am planning out another conversion soon and I really need one of these. Does anyone know where I can find one? KVAR is out. Thanks!
  6. Tony, have you tried the Polish Beryl mags? You might be pleasantly surprised with how well they work. That being said I have a Bulgarian "Circle-10" mag and 2 Polish Beryl mags. The only mods to the weapon are a bullet guide and the tab at the rear of the mag well was ground down. The Beryls lock up really well in the mag well with virtually no wobble much like the factory mag. I did have to file the tops of the mags ever so slightly to get a good "click" on insertion but they will insert with no mods at all. The have proven to be 100% reliable and are my favorite mags so far for the weapon. The Bulgarian took a fair amount of modding with a dremel tool to work, and it does wobble a wee bit, but it works flawlessly when firing. I would like to pick up a Weiger to try out, but man they're so hard to find for a reasonable price these days!
  7. Pretty cool Bro! I admit I prefer the AK-100 series look a likes (hence my AK-101 clone), but yours came out nice!
  8. Look, why does everyone get 'hot' for AR mags in an AK? I understand the advantages of using a single type of mag for multiple firearms. But using AR mags in an AK is like putting Yugo wheels & tires on your Hummer. AR mags have NEVER been the strong point of the AR weapons system. ArmaLite designed things with the mags designated as 'disposable.' Use 'em and toss 'em. Check your references... Just for the sake of argument, look at the AR vs AK (Galil) Orlite mags. The AR Orlites are regarded as unreliable (they crack). The Galil (AK) Orlites are apparently 100% OK mags. You want to change your Saiga, so it'll take 'throw-away' mags that crack (or fail in other ways) upfront, but needs to have the adapter removed to use reliable mags? Fine, if you live in a 'Blue State' (that's "Democrat" to you union members - and I've been a union member, so I know), where you have to use "PRE-BAN" mags that you already own to be legal. Knock yourself out. Otherwise, it's just plain silly... I see what you're saying, and you're right the standard AK mags are far more durable than the AR mags, but there is one AR mag that far exceeds in my opinion every mag out there, and that's the Magpul P-mag. They have literally shot these mags, ran them over with trucks, smashed them with sledge hammersand they still function. I have a ton of them and if I could use them in my new AK it would be worth $100 and then some...
  9. Just finished my .223 Saiga. I used the Bulgarian FSB and gas block from KVAR and both worked out GREAT! The gas block fit my rifle perfectly, but the FSB was a touch too tight, I mean maybe .001 too small. I sweated/hammered both on with out a press though and it was fine. I just stuck the FSB and Gas Block in my oven at 500F for an hour and stuck my barrel in my freezer for an hour (then re-froze after seating the Gas Block), this yielded about a 480F delta which in addition to a little "coaxing" from a hammer was enough to overcome the size differences.
  10. In action for the first time since the conversion (still waiting on a bullet guide, hence the 10 rounder)....
  11. Just finished my new Izhmash AK-101 today She's wearing KVAR plum KVAR US Made AK101 Brake Bulgy Gas Block Bulgy FSB Tapco G2 trigger Bulgy "Circle-10" 5.56 Mags Polish Beryl 5.56 Mags Thanks everyone!
  12. Just finished her today and I think she would be a great beta tester! As far as testing a wide range of magazine compatibility, I have Okay GI Mags, Colt GI Mags, Center Industries GI mags (some GIs with Magpul followers, some with GI Green followers), 30 round P-Mags (windowed and non windowed), 20 round P-Mags, 20 round GI mags, a 30 round Thermomold...
  13. I purchased 2 Polish Beryl mags off of Gunbroker for my .223. Cool thing is they look a LOT like the black Izhmash AK74 mags, but are design for and marked with "5.56". As soon as my conversion is completed I will give these a shot and see how they work, of course, a bullet guide is required.
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