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  1. i guess the best option would be to buy a saiga 12 completly strip it down to individual parts, keep the bits you want and sell off the rest, you never know it may be worth much more in parts than a complete gun(like cars are)
  2. He proably knows his suff but how many of the guns he worked on had chrome bores? i would be concerned at the possibility of the chrome lifting in the area directly in front of the machined area.i have seen pictures of chrome lifting from s12 gas ports, its only a tiny disturbed area and the pressure and gas wash are lower there due to the distance from the chamber.
  3. remember how powerful the soviet union was before it broke up! a divided America would be just what china (and others )would like.
  4. those are excellent drawings, that 4 year old has skill! i wasnt getting that kind of detail when i was 12. ,in fact i wouldnt have even thoughy of those cool designs, just copied something from a comic. i say well done for the kid being creative, using colours to highlight different parts, it even shows how parts interact with each other. the teacher involved should be trying to encourage creativity not kill it off!
  5. the engineers are pretty clever, the guy opperating the machines or doing the QC inspection in the factory may not be as smart or care as much about the final product (especially on a friday afternoon!)
  6. maybe approaching this one step at a time would be a better option? ie make several prototypes each a little more complicated than the last, that way you get a few small problems to solve each time rather than dozens try fitting a rifled blank to a saiga 12 using an existing S12 make a new front trunion with a quick change barrel option machine up a complete receiver ,fit existing S12 parts to it. each completed prototype can be sold off to pay for the next step, you learn from each one and the final model can incorperate all good features of the prototypes. people like you are the future of the industry, dont listen to anybody who says it wont work, wont sell, wont look cool, whatever! build it for yourself, learn from it, make it better the next time. DO IT!
  7. This guy seems pretty upset about not being able to own a firearm ? i have heard that in the US(im from nz) you can own any blackpowder firearm without a licence, if that is true why dosnt he just get a nice ruger old army and modern inline bp rifle, both are equal to most centerfire firearms in accuracy, slow to reload for sure and need some maintanence but good for any threat from 6feet away to 600 feet away. they may even be more usefull when centerfire ammo runs scarse? bottom line is 6 accuratly placed shots from an ROA will beat a mag full of rounds being sprayrd gangster style from a glock!
  8. enjoy it! its a chance to go to work, swan about and do bugger all while still getting paid. listen to a few speaches instead of hammering bits of jet engine together.you can play spot the security guy with your workmates. have fun !
  9. i got a tc encore barrel sent out to me in new zealand just before christmas(not from brownells), it arrived 3 weeks later, usps tracking still shows it still in america? their international tracking is sometimes spot on, i have read that it been delevered and its sitting in my mail box, other times its not updated untill long after the parcel has arrived.
  10. you are now the legal property of the person who branded you!
  11. over here in nz we get the best price for copper with the insulation stripped off(they call it bright copper for obvious reasons) if it has been burnt they will not usually take it, not so much for crackheads but the enviornmental damage caused by burning the insulation off. if they do take it the price is very low.
  12. Hi Karkka, your best chance may be buying direct from russia, a few guys here have bought things from private sellers in russia, have a look through the classified section and you may be able to track down the russian connection?
  13. isnt it funny how some things dont get taught on basic training, you have to learn it from the older guys!
  14. im no self defense expert but i can see the advantage of a shot shell at close range over a conventional single bullet. not everybody is an excellent shot and can accuratly place rounds in a small moving target, when the pressure is on and you are crapping your pants the chance of hitting something gets even smaller for the average person. i havnt looked at any stats but am guessing a large portion of people getting hit by a hand gun would be with in 10 yards. to those who think a .410 pistol with a shot shell and a short barrel will have the pellets dropping on their feet due to lack of power may get a surprise, would you be brave enough to let some one empty one at you? sure there are some features on this pistol that are a little undesireable, but its the first shot that counts, you get the luxury of a mag full on a glock but thats no advantage if you already have a belly full of buckshot. i would be interested in seeing some stats on what range most SD events occur? also a practicle test of this pistol compared to a conventional pistol engaging targets in a SD mock up, ie, dark, close fleeting/moving targets.
  15. a part of the recently uncovered roman wall in london(made by the romans a few years ago now) has swear words scratched into it, it may not have been a christian doing it but it shows that using the odd cuss has been around for for a long time, it seems likley that if the romans swore so did everybody else?
  16. if you can find a 21mm sub cal insert they can be re used multiple times, its just a 21mm id tube with bulkheads to fit in empty launcher, getting the practice rockets would also be a challange and each one needs to be wired in to the trigger button.
  17. i like it, plenty can be learned from trying things out, also working with limited tools means things have to be built in unconventional ways. and as others have stated that is a great pictorial.i cant take good photos or even make the writing appear next to the photo the way i want it? another thing i like is people making things with little or no pre concieved ideas on how it should be done, new things and techniques get invented by people "giving it a go" if i was presented with your pile of raw materials and told to build a gun rack i would never though of tying the pegs on, proably would have given up! keep thinking outside the square
  18. have you tried fishing in your stream? there may be a few fresh tasty things in there to add to the stored food? i keep a stock of toilet paper, we have had a few natural disasters in nz lately(earthquakes and floods) and i can go without many things but bog roll is one luxury i dont want to loose! another thing our power companies gave out after the big earthquake was small battery powered radios, handy to have when you are wondering what is happening and the power is out.
  19. im from nz and i have bought several things from them, they are our biggest gun shop and will provide prompt and good service. unfortunatly they charge like wounded bulls.(have a browse on the website). with the USD exchange rate the prices may be a little more acceptable to you. funny thing is i shop in the US to cut out middle men like gun city.
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