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    Dragunov Style Wood Furniture for a Saiga .308

    The stock fit with very little work but the hand guard was very tedious. A lot of test fitting and sanding.
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    From the album: Furniture

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  4. x_man586

    Dragunov Style Wood Furniture for a Saiga .308

    I found some stuff on gunbroker.com to put on my s12
  5. x_man586

    trigger group help

    I remember. When I got the trigger I realized it wouldn’t fit but I’m never scared to make something work. The only other thing I did to it was polish the piss out of it and the hammer. I will look up the over travel mod thanks
  6. x_man586

    trigger group help

    What is the functional difference between double hook and single hook. I have Texas AK triggers in all of my rifles.
  7. x_man586

    v21 rail options

    Those of you with the nice wood hand guards what are you doing about optic mounts. I am just using the side mount. I don’t want to get rid of the wood. Thanks
  8. x_man586

    Final Mod for my Saiga 12: Full Wood

    Here is mine with Dragunov type stock.
  9. I'm at a loss at my next firearm purchase. I already have the obligatory firearms nailed. I have an ar-15, 1911, Berreta 92, Ruger .357 mag, pump 12ga, double barreled 12ga, Saiga-12, Saiga v21 .308, wasr-10 ak-47, Mossberg .30-06, Mosin Nagant 91/30, Mosin Nagant m44. Kel-tec plr-16. Ruger 10/22, and a hi-point .45 carbine. Whats next? $600 max please. I would like a desert eagle, ar-10 m1903 Springfield. But I am limited by money. Thanks. I have had the single action .45lc also.
  10. x_man586

    Turkey loads to hot?

    Turkey shot is brutal. When I bought my Mossberg 500 I bought every round I could find. I shot the smallest first #8. I figured I would get to the buckshot before it started hurting. The #4 turkey shot kicked way worse than 00buck ever did.
  11. Yeah the 30-30 my dad has came from his dad who bought it in 1957.
  12. Guys I appreciate your opinions. Thanks. I know that don't need another firearm, but I have a couple of ideas what my next one will be now. I also see some other things that I can improve on. Y'all have been a great help.
  13. Yeah all of them. I forgot that they make rifles. They are .22lr .22 hornet 7tcu and 44 magnum. He shot silhouette competitions with them.
  14. He also has a brand new Springfield Armory 1903a3 match barrel. Stainless Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag 10". A bunch of Thompson Contenders, and a pre 1964 model 94 Winchester .30-30 Yeah I know I cant exactly look forward to the day I get these.
  15. My dad has one. He bought it new 10 years ago. Springfield Amrory M1A. Match barrel 1/4 minute sights. He shoots service rifle matches with it. It shoots better than we do. At 200 yards wherever the sights point is where the bullet will hit. I will inherit it one day.
  16. I don't have a sks. Are the type 56 chinese ones any good. I love old interesting com-block weapons. I enjoy learning everything about them. I already have the ammo I think an sks would be a welcome addition. Besides they are rather inexpensive. I know they used to be dirt cheap.
  17. Anything bigger than 20 megatons dropped on the base would cause me concern. Hypothetically speaking. Lupin I already have the plr-16 so I could get a pap92 to match.
  18. Actually I live in north east Texas an hour away from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. They fly B52's from there and last I heard there are still nuclear weapons there. I should be safe unless someone bombs them. Otherwise I am in the middle of nowhere.
  19. i have close to 5,000 rounds and reload for most of them. I really need powder. AA# 5 or AA#2 hs6. I have 8lbs for my .223. Y'all are right I have enough guns. My worry is that if I have to bug out I will have to leave half of it behind. Pick my best rifles shotgun and pistols and grab their ammo and leave the rest.
  20. Father in law has a ruger single six. It is ok. I like the semi-auto .22 pistols but ammo is still scarce. If I had a couple thousand rounds I would want to get one. Good idea nonetheless. Something to think about.
  21. The more interesting the better. The ones with a good story behind them.
  22. x_man586

    SilencerCo Saiga Ad

    $132.44 for an adapter though.
  23. x_man586

    3" 00 buck?

    I can shoot 2 3/4" buck on #1 all day long. Since there is not a lesser gas setting should I stay away from 3" stuff. It is too much for my shoulder anyway. I hardly ever shoot any of it. I was just wondering. I have a Mossberg 500 tactical that I shoot the 3" stuff through. Nice big recoil pad.
  24. I can hear it now. WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? I have my reasons. You might not think they are good. But anyway. My search for a wooden hand guard eventually led me to purchase a Vepr wood kit from saigastock.com. $65 for hand guard and beautiful thumbhole stock. I already have a v21 .308 with the same stock and I love it. But the stock is for a slant cut receiver. I could spend another $50-$100 and get another stock that would fit but what would I do with this one. I could cut the stock to fit, but I have seen the pictures of guys that have done this and they don't look right. They look like they have been adapted. They look like they don't belong there. I have a wood ak-74 stock on there now and it looks too small. I am thinking about cutting off the ass end of the receiver to fit the stock. I know it will be permanent but I love the way my .308 looks and I know my S-12 will look good too. Now with all of that being said if I have missed something and this cannot possible work please tell me before I look like a complete ass instead of a little one.