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  1. It all depends on the twist rate of the barrel, I have no idea what the 223 version is, let's say it is a 1X9 twist then a 55gr up to a 64gr would work for the rifle now you have to find the right powder and tweak it same for the 1X8 twist then we all know that the best weight would be 69gr....
  2. Don't risk it, ship it to me and I'll shoot it for you.....
  3. You can also shave down (sand down) the bottom of the follower until an extra round can be added, I am not an expert on State(s) law(s) but I believe if you use the rifle for hunting, States have laws about mag capacities and it could be some trouble having it.. Just something I was told a while back IDK...
  4. If you use google translate, it is talking about Chinese students and getting a certification of some sort. I did not bother reading the details. I think the mods have banned this guy for non relevant content, maybe not...
  5. I agree here, I'd like to carry my Rem custom 308 except it weighs about 35-40 lbs + ammo, that is only one weapon..
  6. I am curious, is there not a bump AR trigger? I could have sworn they came out a while before the bumpstocks. Kind of hard to uphold the Constitution when you do not know or understand the Constitution, case and point government thinks they can plea the 5th amendment when the Constitution is for the people and not the government.... He also promised to end corruption (LMFAO). My question is, tell me what HAS he done since he has taken over? NOTHING.... 1st Amend, ones right to speak out against the government and only the government and so forth. as a matter of fact any gov
  7. I did not think about pistol grips, I hate to toss out nice wood.... Thanks
  8. The stock is gone, still have the 4 scales...
  9. So I had a couple of questions, can you use a Nagant Stock for knife scales? What kind of wood was used for these stocks? Last, any knife makers want it, plus 4 6" black walnut scales? PM me.....
  10. I have a thumb hole stock on a Yugo Mauser 308, I had to pillar and receiver bed it, no free floating needed. The only thing I did not like was the size of the grip. too thin, I bonded a piece of Mahogany and formed it with finger grooves.
  11. Being vague on your answers is annoying. For those who give a sh!t, apparently CA decided to change the size of the C39 side rail, so I purchased a Midwest Ind, C39 mount, topped it off with a Primary Arms 30mm red dot and a 30mm Vortex Cantilever mount....
  12. So I got this rifle from my local shop, I bought it to shoot it, i then bought the Kalinka side mount Model AMPM59. For the life of me It will not go on, it stops about 2 1/4" still to go. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh194/Gunlover_2008/Rifles%201/AK47%20C39V2/20180318_201045.jpg http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh194/Gunlover_2008/Rifles%201/AK47%20C39V2/Side%20Mount/20180413_193502.jpg http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh194/Gunlover_2008/Rifles%201/AK47%20C39V2/Side%20Mount/20180413_193601.jpg http://i256.pho
  13. This sounds like a bad idea, if I where you I'd suggest consulting with an attorney before you attempt this.... Do you live in a rural area? How far is the police department from your home?, more then 10 minutes? If you do get charged then you might be able to use the defense of a ruling by the 4th District Court of Appeals judge Polan: that NO ONE has a right for police protection, he used the SCOUTS ruling of time expectation of NYC, which was/is an act of treason because that ruling had nothing to do with police protection. Now if you are outside and he advances towards you and you FEA
  14. I did not know where to put this post, so here it goes.. The GOOD: I'd like to give a big thumbs up to Outdoor Limited, not only was/is 308 at .32 cents a round, but they shipped it quickly. I got 500 rnds in 150gr and 500 in 165gr $350 to my door - Tula ammo. I'd also like to thank The Gun Dock, no hassle, great communication, and a good deal, 308 Palma 155gr Hornady 100 rnds for $144. The BAD: Cheaper then dirt, I ordered a part from them & paid with CC, I put the card away and did not use it since. 30 days later I start getting notices from my CC company saying
  15. He's not Russian. ...as far as Russian's "punishment"? Make the punishment fit the crime. No evidence, no punishment. ...or we could send them Barry. OK so you do not remember, I KNOW Snowden is not Russian.... Read up on Snowden so that you can learn something..... We are talking about hacking, spying read here,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.google.com/search?q=edward+snowden&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Not everyone forgets. Awaiting a pardon, repatriation, and a Medal of Freedom. Think of what we now know due directly to him. Only down side I see is none o
  16. Funny how everyone forgets the past, so how is Edward Snowden?
  17. https://www.google.com/search?q=308+chamber+brush&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=308+chamber+brush&tbm=shop
  18. Some rust on the receiver, not much pitting but some, he says he shoots it and is accurate, The thing is he said it was German and just by looking at the markings I knew it was not but I had to get info on it. Not interested in it anymore, thanks again guys as usual you guys are very helpful.... Thanks ETA: As far as serial matching, all I saw was the number on the receiver...
  19. Thanks this is what I needed, he is asking $350 is that a fair price?
  20. I am currently working in a community working on the houses and a gentleman showed me this (pics below), he says it is a German K98 but the markings do not support it. Can anyone shed some light on the markings and what this is? TY
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