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  1. J&G is sold out currently. My buddy has been searching high and low for one, but to no avail. Does anyone have a line on one for sale somewhere?
  2. Thanks Spetnaz Soldier for the offer, I sent you a PM.
  3. Since I am unlucky enough to live in communist NY state, I need to convert my 7.62 Saiga BACK to sporter configuration or I have to register it as an "assault weapon". The problem is that I bought a pre converted gun from classic arms w/ the conversion done by TGI. I can find a stock easily enough, but I then need to move the fire control group back. I'm looking for the stock Saiga fire control parts and then a bit of help converting it back. Any help would be appreciated
  4. I have the TRS-25 on my MI rail. Like hutchsaiga, I picked mine up at Cabelas for $70 and it's been fantastic.
  5. I would buy one in a second if it was priced similarly to the .308 VEPR!
  6. I have that mount on my Saiga. It sits very low. So low that it must be removed for cleaning. Normally it that might be a problem, but the mount re-attaches without loosing zero.
  7. Over at ar15.com in the industry forum Bryan from Aimsurplus posed this about KSP ammo "it's the same ammo we have listed as WPA right now, both made at the same factory, just one is a generic box" I shot a 100 rounds of the stuff through my Saiga and it was as accurate as Brown Bear, Wolf Mil classic or Tulammo that I was shooting along wiith it. I dont currently have any WPA to compair it to.
  8. I have a Weaver Nitrex 1.5-5x32 scope on one of my BCM middy AR-15.it will work fine on your Saiga and not break the bank. It has superb glass (95% light transmission) for the price. On 1.5x it's easy to shoot with both eyes open and then dial it up to 5x for shots out to 300 yards. Natchez has the Nitrex scope on closeout for $120. You could use a UTG 5th gen detachable mount with a set of low scope rings with the Nitrex scope and have a nice set up for well less than $200.
  9. I have put Brown Bear FMJ and HP, Wolf Classic FMJ and HP, Tulammo HP, Golden Tiger FMJ and KSP FMJ. At 100 yards with the iron sight or red dot, the groups were pretty much the same no matter what the ammo. I have settled on KSP as my new range ammo becasue it's inexpensive ($189/1000) and shoots well in my Saiga, SKS and Mak-90.
  10. I have a Chaos rail on my converted 7.62x39 and an extended UTG carbine rail on my 5.45x39 S&W AR upper. The UTG is not bad, but as others have said the fit and finish on the Chaos rail is top notch. I figured a UTG rail and a CSS handguard retainer would cost me about as much as a Chaos rail, so it was a no brainer to spend an extra $20 on the better rail.
  11. I picked a converted Classic Arms Saiga after Xmas. Mine is a TGI import and the conversion was done by Elite Custom Plating and Weapons...but it does have the shepards crook in it. I love that Tapco trigger, nice and crisp with no creep. I have run 400 trouble free rounds through it and everything is G2G.
  12. +1 on this. Once you do your conversion, Copes sells pre ban Chinese 30 round mags and KY Impoerts sells Hugarian 20 round mags to NY residents. Also any gun show in upstate NY will have LOADS of pre ban 30 round AK mags in the $15 range.
  13. I have a dozen sanitized russian plum's that work 100% of the time in my Saiga.
  14. Thanks for the work on compairing the bullets folks! I just picked up 200 rounds of the Tulammo 124gr HP. I want to run it through my SKS, Mak-90 and converted Saiga to see how it shoots and functions before I grab a 1000 rounds.
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