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  1. bf2rules141

    long barreled version needed

    What I am thinking is soon no more will be imported
  2. bf2rules141

    Virginia specific question and general 922r question

    Some venders replaced the buttstock with a U.S. one, does that mean the VEPER 12 is out of 922r ???
  3. bf2rules141

    Glock Drum

    YES... CC just got hit for the drums, you guys rock, keep up the good work... now the wait for the big brown truck
  4. bf2rules141

    Glock Drum

    no .40s... just 9mm MississippiAutoArms.com is runnin low on them, better move fast... I was asking them if they have them in from the importer yet ... or if they would give us all an update on them...
  5. bf2rules141

    Glock Drum

    Can you guys give us an update on the Glock Drums thank you... B
  6. bf2rules141

    When is the Next Vepr-12 shipment?

    yep, classic arms has them in stock, 1199.99. yes but it still has the Laminate Buttstock
  7. bf2rules141

    WTB..... Vepr 12 stock (original)

    Looking for the original folder stock, ... welded one from the UK would work...
  8. bf2rules141

    ATTN Atlantic firearms

    yes lock it
  9. bf2rules141

    Texas AK Triggers

    I will take two sets, PM me with payment options
  10. I am looking for an original Vepr 12 stock, anyone out there take one off and now want to sell it? send me a PM with price thank you
  11. bf2rules141

    VEPR-12's on the way

    Does anyone know if any folding stocks, handguards or gasblocks will be imported?
  12. bf2rules141


    I just placed my order for one...
  13. This post is for anyone looking for an FN30... There is an FN30 up for auction on Proxibid, check it out... https://www.proxibid...089411#topoflot https://www.proxibid.com/asp/LotDetail.asp?ahid=4074&aid=50577&lid=13089411#topoflot
  14. bf2rules141

    Want to play a game? Part 3

    372 1977 45