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  1. Yeah ive seen them as low as $269 on gunbroker.com
  2. Na I checked it pretty thoroughly before buying, so it couldnt have come from the factory that way. And I had just gotten into shooting and was not aware I could have sent it back to the manufacturer to be replaced. So you guys think I just got a "lemon" huh? Well, thanks, you convinced me! Time to go spend $300.
  3. In 2003 I saw the Saiga .223 in a gunshop and purchased it. Bought 100 rnds of .223 ammo, and took it all home. Set up a target at about 75 yards, loaded the ten round mag and emptied it. Removed the magazine, loaded ten more rounds. Emptied again. Repeat, until all 100 rounds had been fired. As i went to put it back in the box, i looked down the top and THE BARREL HAD WARPED!!! I was pissed! Ended up selling it to a pawnshop. I read nothing but positive reviews of this rifle and wonder if maybe they were built a little differently at that time. So my question is, given my experience with the .223 and my desire to purchase an AK platform rifle thats easily modded, should I take a gamble on the Saiga 7.62??
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