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  1. I only use scopes with the mechanical BDC ballistic compisation option. All my rifles have its used for distance. I never go hunting without it. It’s harder to find them lately. BSA make one for the 223 round I haven’t tested it yet. I have the older top of the line bushnell with the bdc option and I tested them for years seal wise going from a woodstove heated camp to ten degree weather outside and never had a problem. I been chasing a 300lb buck that teases other hunters by staying out of range. Just give me one bullet for my 338wm. I made a 170yd shot at a quarter sized target once using the bdc. She’s spot on. Using a ballistics caculator you can get a idea about bullet drop and distance. On the certain 100 to 125yd calibers you can caculate where your best zero is for accuracy. Example the 7mm Mauser using a 125 yd zero the bullets path varies from the muzzle to 125 yds about 5/8” to 3/4”. Just a example.
  2. Unknown Poster

    Spare barrel for your .223.

    Your thoughts are correct years ago this was posted by some having well over 100 k rounds with there chrome lined bores.
  3. Unknown Poster

    Finally got some accuracy numbers at 100 yards

    The IMR 4895 powder we use in semi auto rifles. We use the cci#34 military thick wall primers. I haven’t worked up a load yet but that’s my starting point. This powder has the correct burn rate for semi autos. Has anyone played with the free bore dimension? It can change your accuracy. How far the bullet sits to the throat. Where the rifling starts.
  4. Unknown Poster

    16" vs 22" barrel?

    I’m thinking the 16” barrel will serve us for up to 400 to 500yds scoped. I read a guy ringing steel gongs with his saiga 16”/308 at that distance. I wonder if 400/500 yds is where the 21.5” barrel takes over accuracy wise. I have no place to benchrest at 400/500 and more.
  5. Unknown Poster

    Holy hell - what's going on with prices?

    Dam I paid $289 for my nib 308 saiga and $259 for my nib 223 saiga. Holly cow
  6. Unknown Poster

    16" vs 22" barrel?

    Years ago the Russians at Izmash did admit the saigas in the American calibers of 223/308 are a tad more accurate over the Russian calibers. This is why I never bought a saiga in 7.62x39 I stayed with the more accurate sks. Now what's the farthest you have ever shot your saiga in 308 with the 16" barrel with no scope? Yardage? How far have you shot the saiga in 308 with the 21.5" barrel with no scope? Yardage? I only have a 100yd range here.
  7. Unknown Poster

    What kind of accuracy are you getting from your Saiga 308?

    I must admit my new saiga was one of the first batch of them imported here when they were just NIB $389 for the 16"/308win, were shooting South African military surplus 308 ball ammo. At 100yds, benchrested, no optics, right out of the box, cleaned and lubed with moly paste she shoots 1 1/2" groups @ 100yds. Forgive me this is my very first ak/akm style rifle getting this kind of accuracy from a sheetmetal stamped and welded semi auto to me is unheard of. I purchased the saiga Sporter to hunt with. Years ago here I couldn't get an answer about the difference in accuracy between the 16" barrel and the 22" barreled saiga in 308 win. I been wondering were does the accuracy of the 308/16" barrel fall off and how far can the 308/22" barrel accurately shoot? Fact, I was at my LGS to purchase a new m1a($2,000) and seen the rack filled with new 308win saigas for $389. I was never interested in any ak/akm due to the workmanship of the used or returns. But since the saiga is a brand new Russian Izmash saiga Sporter rifle I couldn't go wrong my gut feeling was right.
  8. Unknown Poster

    Polishing Question

    I just lubed the moving parts with ts-70 moly.
  9. Unknown Poster

    So who's holding onto their 308s forever now?

    For the best, most accurate semi auto in 7.62x39 Russian it's the sks. For the best, most accurate semi auto in 308win Russian Izhmash Saiga. In 223 ditto. Why do I get the cold shoulder on forums when they talk about semi auto rifles and I bring up saigas? In street wise terms my thug kid(no frills Saiga) will kick your A+ students(m1a butt). Nothing can match the ak/akm dependability, battlefield proven record. Nothing. Right?
  10. Unknown Poster

    What year did the first Saigas come into the USA?

    They were only $259/223 & $289/308 when they first arrived.
  11. Unknown Poster

    So who's holding onto their 308s forever now?

    I have four orginal condition brand new saigas two in 223 & two in 308win. They ain't going anywhere. I'd dump my m14 first. Saiga in 308 using South African surplus 308 ball ammo 1 1/2" groups at 100yds. Orginal sights. A sheet metal stamped receiver that's awesome. For just $307 it'd with taxes.
  12. Unknown Poster

    My .308 Kushnapup Conversion (update video)

    No interest in there. I like the orginal form for hunting and target shooting. Listen closely to the video for richochets ?..... Be careful.
  13. Unknown Poster

    S308 recoil spring?

    I lube the recoil springs with moly, ts-70 moly. My 308 saigas constantly shoot 1 1/2" groups at 100yds no scope.
  14. Unknown Poster

    Spare barrel for your .223.

    Thought,,, on the yugo sks's the bores can measure as big as .3115" I'm thinking they rifled the bores to the chrome line specs. But had no industrial hard chrome to line the bores and chambers. If I'm right the bore should be .3085"/.309" when chromed. That's around .0015" on a side for a total of .0030" left for the chrome. I'm not sure how much metal is removed for chroming. We did chroming on screw machine spindles I think it was .010" thickness by the time we finished center less grinding the spindles to size. That's .005" on a side.
  15. Unknown Poster

    Barrel refuses to take a crown

    The crown needs to be dead center on the bore. You can use a round head slotted screw in a drill with coarse lapping compound first. Move the drill in a circle with your hands make it a even round circle. Once it's roughed in switch to the fine lapping compound and repeat till done. If it's accurate at 100yds it's ok. Lapping the crown with a round head screw or rivet is the old timers way of doing a recrown. You did a good job son.
  16. Unknown Poster

    What would break on a Saiga

    I clean and lube my saigas with TS-70 moly. The chrome lined bore and chamber should outlast the receiver wear. Lubing the bolt, bolt carrier, recoil spring, gas piston/tube just a tad of moly, on the trigger sear will stop the wear. Moly, Eliminates all wear Reduces friction Prevents galling Fights corrosion Stays were you put it. The Saiga will feel like a more expensive gun.
  17. Unknown Poster

    Spare barrel for your .223.

    I thought the chrome lined ak barrels lasted for 100 to 200k rounds?
  18. Unknown Poster

    So who's holding onto their 308s forever now?

    I'd sell my m14 before I'd sell my Saiga.
  19. Unknown Poster

    Finally got some accuracy numbers at 100 yards

    Benchmarking my 308 /16" barreled Saiga with no scope she shoots 1 1/2" groups at 100yards using south African surplus 308 ball ammo. I didn't benchrest my 22" barreled Saiga yet. I like them for deer and bear hunting. I post about them on hunting semi auto forums only to deaf ears. Guys are stuck on those remington etc. I guess they can't accept a nib Saiga at the time being under $300. Or is it a commie rifle that stops them from buying them. I think there the hottest buy on the planet since the norinco sks arrived.
  20. Unknown Poster

    16" vs 22" barrel?

    My CETME was accurate and I liked the rifle but I hated the charging handle so I sold it when it was on the ban list. I registered my saigas.
  21. Unknown Poster

    Best .308 cartridge for 16" Saiga?

    My Saiga w/16" barrel in 308win benchrested shot 1 1/2" groups at 100yards using south African surplus 308 ball ammo. I haven't tried my quality reloads yet. The SA ammo pops up time to time. I use it as a baseline to compare different rifles in 308. I can compare the accuracy. I wish we had more of it available.
  22. Unknown Poster

    importation of the saigas????

    Are the saigas still imported here?? What's the value of an orginal condition saiga in 308/16" barrel just test fired in New condition?
  23. Unknown Poster

    importation of the saigas????

    Does this mean the saiga spotter doesn't need to be reregistered again with the state of ct? It's registered when we purchase them the first time.
  24. Unknown Poster

    which ak47 wood stocks & handguards??

    I would like to replace the syn stock & hand guards on my saigas with real wood ak 47 stocks? Or is it possible?
  25. Unknown Poster

    Saiga 308 21" 100 Yard Shoot

    ive hit a gong out to 500 yds with my 16" with iron sights, and i was just resting the mag on the edge of the bench. I wonder how much farther the 16" barreled saiga will shoot before the accuracy falls off. At that point the 22" barreled saiga should carry the accuracy out even farther. We only have 100yds ranges here. I wonder why no one has really stretched out the distance on the 22" barrel yet? I'm thinking the 22" barrel should go out to 750yds at least maybe a few more. The Russians at izmash did an awesome job on making the saiga so accurate.