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  1. Not sure what the bushing does. Without the bushing mine ran fine with 1 1/8 bulk pac and not at all with the 1oz game loads. With the bushing it still runs with the 1 1/8 and it almost runs with the 1 oz. By almost I mean it still wont run a full mag of 1oz without a jam, both fail to feed and eject. So is the bushing just an insurance policy that the 1 1/8 runs as the gun gets dirty?
  2. Picked up a 1919 from Centerfire. Took it directly to the range and shot it directly out of the box. No cleaning, oiling, nothing. Checked the bore to make sure it was clear then slapped in a 5rd mag full of Remington Super Sports(Gold hulls). 1 1/8 oz shot, max drams of powder. It ran perfectly with both the 2 3/4 magazine and the 3 inch magazine. During the 25 rounds the rear sight flipped by itself from the v notch rear to the peep. I just left it on the peep once it flipped. Then I tried Remington bulk pack 1 1/8, 3 dram loads. They worked perfectly as well but the empties only ejected about 2 feet instead of the 5 feet the Super Sports hulls ejected. Really wanting to test my luck I then tried some Winchester 1 oz 3 1/4 dram dove loads. They didnt even have enough power to cycle the bolt back. ( Oh well had to try). The gun patterned 30/70 at 20 yards and can be zeroed using the rear sight elevation wheel. Overall extremely happy with it and glad I got it. I would buy it again.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I canceled my order. You saved me a ton of aggravation.
  4. Do you know the Ballistic coefficient of 7n6? Without it the chrono data is not so useful.
  5. The glass is no worse than the blue tint that my aimpoint has. Remember on a forward mounted dot optic, you dont look through the optic like a scope, you focus on the target and the dot gets between your eyes and the target giving you the aiming point. The Konus has a lifetime warranty as well. I liked it so much I bought 2 more for other projects. Less than $300 for 3 vs $1500 for 3 Micros. I am in no way saying that it is better than an Aimpoint I just saying that to me its a way better value. The Konus has done everything I have asked of it and has not failed. You can also look at the Sig micro dot its the same as the Konus but you have the schwing factor of it saying Sig on it. That matters to some. [quote name='THE RIPPER' date='30 October 2009 - 01:36 PM' timestamp='1256927675' Here I go again, how's the glass on it? Sorry, That's the first question I ask EVERYBODY when they bring up a new sight to the thread.
  6. I shoot 3-gun competitions. I shoot open class with a Konus atomic dot on a quad rail. Its been great. I have a genuine eotech 553 and a real aimpoint Mk 3. The konus is screaming deal.
  7. Actually the box says Taiwan. If a US made extended rail version was currently being made I would have bought that. I can't mount an optic on vaporware.
  8. I just got the UTG rail from "Cheap.. than Dt". I think its great! Very sturdy, fits perfect. No wiggle. LMT rail covers fit fine as well as ARMS lever attachments. I'm not saying its better than anyone elses' rail; but I am more than satisfied with it. It was a well spent $70.00
  9. To move the Point of Impact to the left. You must move your rear sight to the left.
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