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  1. Hey everyone. Hypothetical situation: If you were going to be stuck with one flash hider permanently attached to the end of your favorite AK barrel forever, which one would you go with? If your pick isn't in the poll, what one do you like and why?
  2. Got the Kel-Tec leaf sight (AK-type) and it works pretty well. Slightly windage adjustable but you are really just eyeballing it because there is nothing to index off of. I go back and forth on whether I wish it was a peep or not. The front sight post looks super skinny now which puts a bit of a learning curve in shooting off the new sights. I mount mine about as far forward on the TWS top cover as I can. Seems solid and a good deal for the price.
  3. Sick. You digging the left side charging handle? I've thought about doing this one and I've also looked at the gas block one. Can't decide. Thoughts?
  4. I had an idea today and I wonder if anyone has tried it already. Everyone has seen the shark breaks and such that make a muzzle device such as a break or flash hider double as a sort of pronged bayonet-like weapon. I was wondering if anyone has grinded down the Vortex Flash Eliminator like so: My concern is that it would hinder the flash hiding ability. This would be unacceptable. In addition to grinding down the prongs to form sort of edged teeth prongs (probably sharpened), I was also wanting to grind down the extra thick neck because it seems thicker, and therefore heavier, than ne
  5. Hey fffpatriot, sick job man. Very cool. Is that paracord I see wrapped around various things? Nice touch.
  6. How about a few pics of it in your rifle? I've seen the setup in other rifles but I can never get enough.
  7. Hey folks. I'm carefully considering my options before I drop some considerable bank and I'd like some community input. I'm going to be removing my side rail mount and installing a TWS rail to reduce weight. It's only a little, I know, but I'm picky. The use of this rifle (barring the ever-looming SHTF scenario) is going to be primarily range practice (100yrds max) with a decent chance of some white tail hunting a couple of times a year. I think a good Russian rifle deserves good Russian optics and I've narrowed my search to the following: PK-AS-W Red Dot / Black Dot ($350) Rakurs-PM G
  8. Whoa guys settle down. I just wanted to get other people's opinions to pass along because I don't want to see my buddy get in trouble. Its hard to schedule a range trip when your shooting partner is in the federal pen. Could anyone suggest a good online resource for tracking down a reputable licensed gunsmith in the area to save everyone from running the risk of some very real heartache?
  9. I got in an argument with a friend and fellow AK enthusiast the other day about a project he is planning and I was hoping someone could clear things up. He wants to cut his 16" barrel down an inch or so and permanently weld on a muzzle device. Obviously he is legal before and after the project. My concern is what about DURING the project. I told him he should probably seek a licensed gunsmith to do something like that, not because of his technical skills which I'm sure are up to the task, but because the ATF are not nice people and quite anal retentive. This very well could be one of those "wh
  10. Got one for Christmas and I LOVE it! I'm not going to lie, it's a bitch to get the front sight block and gas block off without slicing into your barrel but it can be done. You will not believe how much lighter the gun feels. I think a lot of it has to do with the weight being moved to the rear. The new ones are adjustable for windage and they have two gas ports for 45 or 90 degree versions. I intend get the TWS top cover to stretch out the sight radius. I highly recommend it.
  11. I'm getting ready to lay down the $140 for the Texas Weapon Systems top cover rail setup and I'm wondering about rear sight options. The $40 they want to charge for that dinky little rear peep seems a little insulting and exploitative in my opinion after spending so much on the rail to start with. Personally, I think that such a small part should just be included in the package since it is basically useless as is without the additional purchase of an optic or their peep sight. I'm a little annoyed so I'm looking for other options. I have the Bolton FSGB installed now and it lines up fine with
  12. I just got rid of mine. It is way too heavy compared to other options and isn't stable enough to allow a mounted red dot to hold zero. I've blown through a lot of money trying out various handguards and my advice is to really consider what you need rail space for. After much contemplation, I came to the conclusion that I really don't need it for anything at all, but that is just me. If you just want a flashlight or a spot for occasional bipod use, consider one of those short bolt-on tri-rails that clamps onto the barrel coupled with a small rail-less handguard. Hogue has a new handguard that l
  13. I just installed the Bolton fsgb on my 7.62 and its working flawlessly. Don't know about the others though.
  14. Bought my first bulgy bullet mag for a good price, loaded it up with 30 rounds of Wolf and took it to the range. As soon as I pulled the charging handle on my converted 7.62 Saiga the first round half-fed and jammed. When pulling the charging handle, I could feel the bolt scraping the first round in the mag. The magazine works flawlessly with 29 rounds or less but I didn't by a 29 round mag, I bought a 30 round mag! The first round had obvious scrape marks on the casing after I cleared it but this did not happen when only loaded to 29. Has anybody else had this problem and, more importantly, i
  15. I've been seriously considering switching to a folder but I don't know much about the available options. Those who have folders, what do you use and why? Those who don't, why not? My main reservation is that I like a mostly collapsed stock (1st or 2nd position) to hold my rifle really close to provide a better center of gravity. What kind of really short folding stock options are available? Thanks for your 2 cents everyone.
  16. I noticed Suarez has the built in front sight / gas block combo running with the TWS rail. Does anyone know if the TWS will line up level with the Acer Bolt-on FS/GB setup?
  17. I was just wondering what would happen if I would get a short gas piston and use it on my 7.62x39 Saiga. Would it cycle as reliably? Would it allow more crud into the receiver? It would take a little weight off the front end which I am always interested in. Just curious and wondering if anyone else has experimented with this idea.
  18. Hate to be the prude but is this thing really legal? Fucking awesome job man!
  19. Nevermind. Figured it out. Turns out pretty much all of them are the straight, non-slanted variety from what I can tell.
  20. How can you tell what kind of gas port you have? I want to install this: https://www.venomtactical.com/shop/gas-block-p-72.html?eCOMid=k4iegg8093e116akp1o6bdgum6 but I don't know if it will work on my 7.62. It says angled gas hole but how do you know if you have an angled one or I guess the other would be straight.
  21. Hey Corbin, +1 on the Long radius setup. If you find a good source for ready-made fsb/gb combos send me a pm or something because I can't find anything except those made for krinkovs. As for the Tech-Sight being harder to take off, it is but you don't need a special tool. A 7.62x39 round will work by all accounts. The standard fsb gets on my nerves because of the scythe-like shape. It gives you the ability to get hooked on every random thing you come across with no significant benefit that I see unless its supposed to be some crude bludgeoning weapon. There is a good reason why the Galil's had
  22. Come to think of it I did buy the rifle used. I feel like a dumbass for not considering this before but I bet the previous owner tried to install a bullet guide. Looks like I might be riveting over some asshole's mistake. Thanks for all the help guys.
  23. So Binocularsmart.com has a site which indicates they are selling PK-AS red dots for $230! This seems ridiculously cheap since Kalinkaoptics.com is selling the same red dot for $350! What is going on here? Is the first site a huge scam or an outrageous deal or is the second site way over priced? Are there any other good reliable vendors of these awesome red dots? What is the going rate for one? Specifically, I am interested in the left sitting one (the PK-AS-C or PK-AS-S or just PK-AS depending on who is talking about it). Thanks all. http://www.binocularsmart.com/scopes/pk-as-red-dot-rifl
  24. Okay guys I have two questions. #1 My Saiga is a 7.62x39 2008 model with no dimples and a pistol grip hole already in it. I am hoping that my barrel is already threaded under the FSB sleeve but I would like to know for sure before cutting. Anybody know with any certainty? #2 My trunnion is one of the flat varieties with a hole already drilled for the bullet guide. I can't tell if it is threaded or not but the Dinzag instructions indicate that it probably is. Does anyone have any idea what size screw I should get? I got the wrong one from Dinzag (nobody's fuck up but my own) and it is t
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