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  1. I went to the range for the first time to zero in my 8X42 POSP scope. It is attatched to the factory rail that came riveted on my Saiga. One thing I noticed is that after about 20 rounds down range the scope had some play in it. I took it off and then put it back on, pushing the lever past the lock mechanism on the scope but it didn't do anything. There is still forward/backward play in the scope, is there a way to tighten the latch or something? I'm thinking this may be a common fix?
  2. If any California people are looking for a Saiga... http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=118685
  3. So do I just bolt the rail onto the plastic foregrip?
  4. I went to Walmart and purchased the bipod you guys are talking about and it wouldn't fit the Saiga. I took off the eyelet and tinkered with it for a while and couldn't figure out how to get it on, didn't seem like it fits.
  5. If you were a resident in CA and owned hi-capacity (> 10 rds) mags before the year 2000, you can still use them. If you want to use them in a converted saiga, then you have to play the 922r game. Lets say that I don't have any mags that are before the year 2000, how do I get them?
  6. If you're in northern California I have an FFL that can get you a Saiga, PM me. I got mine from him from DD's ranch + $50 transfer fee. If you're in Southern California then I wish you the best of luck.
  7. And just to add my Saiga is not converted, and I really don't plan on converting it because I don't want a pistol grip, thanks.
  8. I want to throw a skeleton stock on my Saiga. I do not really have access to any tools or anything to modify pieces etc., which skeleton stocks out there are a simple swap that can be done with basic tools? thanks
  9. I went to walmart and all they had was the 9-13", seems kind of long for a Saiga no? most of you guys using that size?
  10. Good advice for people looking for a scope, but I absolutely love my POSP since I mounted it, very high quality and it slides onto the sock Saiga rail with no additional work needed.
  11. Do you know what the total cost of converting is? Where can I get the parts list? Not including what stock/pistol grip I go with And once it's converted, using a pistol grip is ok with california laws right?
  12. What do you mean you have to convert it? Isnt it a matter of purchasing the stock, taking the other one off, and screwing the ATI one in? or am I missing something
  13. Looking for an inexpensive spring bi-pod, maybe around $30? I see some on Ebay but they seem to be for Airsoft, not sure if these will all work or not? thanks.
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