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  1. Try this link for a much cheaper quad rail system for your 223... http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/se...t/Detail?no=223
  2. Sorry, but I have to add my own response to the way things really are here. Me answering the emails had nothing to do with it being posted here. Let me explain a few thing. During the week I have to deal with A LOT of people that I can only deal with during business hours through the week. This is the most important thing right now. If I sat at home and answered emails and phone calls all day as they came in, not a single drum would ever be made again. I had already planned on trying to get my emails current this past weekend (which I did). I answered over 250 of them yesterday alone!!!! The Friday before last I spent all day answering emails. How many people can say they had an email answered from me yesterday or last Friday? Hundreds! I do answer what I can through the week as well. But it is far from priority through the week for the reason stated above. Also I rarely look at the forum during the week as well. I try to scan it each day to see if there is something that needs tended too such as this issue. But I don't recommend posting this type of thing here. This wasn't an urgent matter. We are well over a month away from a shipping date for the second run. I can see if I was going to start shipping in the next day or two. Also to explain the plan that was spoke of.... The first email I received from networkr mentioned nothing of an address change. It only said he was moving and he wanted to cancel his order. Which I did per his request and issued a refund. As I worked through the list I came to other emails from him that stated he would like to change his address or cancel his order if he couldn't. It was after a few of these that I guess that they was from networkr. The plan was I said after he was moved and with a new address to let me know and I would update his address on the order and reinstate it. If you ask me it is more of a favor rather than a plan. This favor will take even more of my time and tending to make happen. I don't mind that one bit. But others should see and know that I really don't have to pull any favors to sell these drums. But I like to try and help all I can. As far as this little poll... I'll allow it, not that it really matters or will change anything. I only have so much time as I've stated. Some may wonder about my , "I'll allow it" statement. Thats right... this is my section, I pay $300 a month for it. I can do with it as I wish... That means if I want to make something go bye-bye I can. This is an ad for my business, not a place where anyone has a right to bitch and moan. There is the whole rest of the internet for that. Now, many of you know and all can see that I don't make stuff go bye-bye. If I did there wouldn't be any of the many, many bitch, moan, and crybaby threads that linger from the delays of the first run. I am not about editing history is why I leave it. I know that way more people know my true character and situation and that is why I allow this stuff and don't remove it. 9 out of 10 times it shows that the poster is the unreasonable person and uninformed. As far as contacting me here... It is not the best place. My email is your best bet. In the past there has been a few people that thought they could call me out and make me bow down to them by posting certain things in my section. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not that guy! The very most of these people have recieved a big slap in their own face when their order was canceled and I called them out right back. Upon reading networkr's thread I didn't think, "that's it, I'm canceling his order". I tried to make that clear to him in an email also. I told him I canceled his order because he asked me to. I will admit though that I wondered if I would have to cancel his order later. I have found that more often than not an impatient person is simply that, an impatient person. You can smooth them over but usually they are up in arms again before you even turn around. I've said this before also but maybe I should say it again. I'm a nice guy.. If I can I'll bend over backwards to help someone, but I'm not nice to the point of weakness. I don't let people walk on me. I usually don't easily forget or forgive either. Not many that enter my watch list ever leave it. I know some will read this and think, "this guy is crazy" and thats alright. Because I know that most that read it will think right on!!! Guess saying I was satisfied wasn't good enough...
  3. Not more than 24 hours after I posted to this forum, Mike D. got back to me and offered a fully satisfactory response to my inquiry. If you're running out of patience experiencing the same as I did, I'd recommend posting here and not beat him up too bad, he's delivering a product we all want, and I'd hate to drive a decent guy out of business because of all the aggravation we cause him.
  4. How long have you been trying to get hold of him? Two weeks ago was the first call
  5. Here's some good options in the following link: http://www.tantal.kalashnikov.guns.ru/bstpso.html http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=55 I got the 1P21 from Kalinka that's shown on the end of the Tantal webpage above, it's got an attached laser sight that uses the same battery as the illuminated reticle, sweet sniper scope, super clear optics.
  6. Look, I can understand if someone's so busy making drums that it takes a while to get back to me. That's cool, I'm not on a time crunch YET. I've sent at least three separate emails to Mike D. and at least three phone voicemails left with MD Arms, and absolutely no acknowledgment that they've been received. My issue with my Drum order is quite simple, I'm moving before the second run of the drums will start shipping, so I want to change the address. Hopefully he reads this forum more often than his email. Email me Mike! Order number EV-2873 **** update 11/9/08**** A day after I posted here, my email was answered, so apparently it's a good idea to take things to the boards when you're having trouble getting a hold of him. A little frustrating, but I eventually got him to reply and he offered a solution that was quite satisfactory. If things go per this new plan, I will become a happy customer when the second round of drums ship.
  7. That didn't show the handguard removal, but did have the right effect of getting rid of some of my fear of taking apart my weapon. After monkeying with it a bit more, I got it out without removal of the gas tube (still don't know how to do that, it's not like the video). FYI, the handguard was hanging up with friction right where that screw was, just plastic against metal and it took a little tugging on it to free it up. I'm cool now, thanks a bunch. Great advice with the paste wax, she'll be right in no time.
  8. I tried shifting it with that screw on the receiver removed, and I can't budge the handguard, something else has got a hold of it or it's wedged it tight somewhere. Tried getting a thin flathead around edges and backed off when nothing seemed to be helping. I'll tinker some more, but I still don't think I have the answer. Thanks.
  9. It looked like that screw had something to do with it, but I've got no idea how to remove the gas tube, can you elaborate? Thanks, networkr
  10. So, I went to try and connect someone's bipod to my sling screw post on my Saiga .308 (IZ-139). While doing so, I attempted to put the same screw back in after attaching his sling loop that attaches the bipod, but the screw never caught any threads. Oh no! I shook it around a bit a discovered a slight rattle when I shook the front barrel which I believe to be the nut that offers the thread for that screw. Can anyone assist with a procedure for removing that front hand guard and fishing that screw out and making my rifle whole again? All replies are most appreciated. And on a further note, any recommendations on my different options for bipods and attachment methods would also be helpful. Saiga Newbie networkr
  11. I like this integrated side mount specifically designed for the Saiga and the side rail that came on mine. http://stores.freedomoptics.com/Detail.bok?no=3
  12. Seems like alot of hardware to install picatinny rail. I just examined all my options and went with what has been specifically designed for the Saiga and other AK variants. I got the Kobra EKP-8-02 (2nd Generation AK/AKM/AK-74 SIDE MOUNTING VERSION) which took advantage of the side rail that came with my gun, and kept the weight down to a minimum. I got it here: http://stores.freedomoptics.com/Detail.bok...mp;sfs=2d5f2f74
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