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  1. Never had a problem on Gunbroker. Done plenty of business, never a problem. Got most of my nicest firearms there, including a beautiful Romanian SKS.
  2. WardenWolf

    Saiga Recoil!

    Just why? My Saiga is the softest-recoiling shotgun I've ever seen. Granted, I did put the skeleton stock on it which reduced it a lot in addition to dramatically improving handling. I've shot 40 rounds of #00 buck in a single session without the slightest discomfort.
  3. Dinzag at one time offered Arsenal trigger groups modified for the Saiga with BHO. If he still has them in stock, I believe he will modify one for you for around $10 over the cost of the part. The problem I ran into with the G2 is that it's too easy to bumpfire. Depending on setup, a condition can be created where simply performing a slow target pull will result in the rifle doubling. I have a long bipod that allows me to shoot while sitting on my rump. I also put a Romanian PSL-style stock on my Saiga .223. When combined, the rifle will unintentionally bumpfire when the bipod legs are ful
  4. No books, but I know the Saiga-12 shotgun made it into the game Metro: Last Light. They even have the drum as an optional accessory. It's possible it's in the Metro books, but I don't know.
  5. The problem is specific to SKS's due to their action design. They use a tilt-bolt with a totally different lockup mechanism than the AK. The jams aren't the result of peening, but rather the forces and movement that cause these jams will also cause peening. Generally, people learn fast after having to force their bolt open that this is a bad idea. It doesn't happen every time or with every SKS, due to differing tolerances and wear, but once it starts happening it will just get worse if you keep shooting it like that. In other words, don't use your gun in a way that it was not intended to be us
  6. To those who shoot their SKS that way, it's not good for the gun. Grenade mode was intended for use with blanks, NOT live ammo. It can lock the bolt up very solidly to the point where it can sometimes require a mallet to get the action open. Anything that causes that kind of lockup is going to be peening the metal parts and doing permanent damage. Now, the AK uses an entirely different system, with a rotating bolt and a much tighter lockup. It's functionally much more robust and there's no real difference in bolt stresses whether the gas system is active or not. Back in the days of the
  7. I am of the opinion that 922® would not hold up in court if they actually tested it. This is because it relies on 922(d) which is no longer part of law. A good lawyer could argue that, because it is not part of law, legally it does not exist and cannot be used in court, rendering 922® invalid as it relies on the definition of a "semi-automatic assault weapon" in that section. Also keep in mind that, in order for you to be busted for 922®, your firearm would have to be confiscated and examined by the ATF to the point of disassembly (a cursory check cannot check all components). In this case
  8. I think Russia will go for the AK-12. It's definitely a major step up, and not horribly more expensive to produce. Fully railed, 3-shot burst, ambidextrous controls, and more. They will arguably have the finest infantry rifle on the planet if they do.
  9. I don't have a bullet guide, but the Tapco Galil mag locks up tight in my Saiga. I have a Century Golani that came with a worn-out metal mag, so I got a Tapco and it runs like a champ. Do NOT do an AR mag conversion. You have to remove a lot of material from your gun to fit the adapter. Cracked trunions have been reported, due to the structural integrity being compromised.
  10. VEPRs like lighter-grain ammo due to their twist rate. Typically 150-grain and lower. Get some of this and see how it does.
  11. I wouldn't want to get one of these. They were rush-production from Russia during the panic. They cut massive corners on the stocks and did square back receivers which means the stocks, even if undamaged, will break. I'm pretty sure other corners were cut, too, so they'll probably be significantly less accurate than a typical VEPR .308. If I got one, I'd figure I was getting no better than a WASR.
  12. Given that the vast majority of Bitcoin transactions, by monetary value at least, are for illegal goods ands services, plus all the negative publicity lately, it is only a very matter of time until it is banned by most major world governments. Already at least one US senator is calling for its ban. The reasons for its ban will be: 1. It cannot be regulated, which NO government likes. 2. It cannot be easily traced, which lends itself to criminal activity. 3. It is not safe because of the risk of losing it all with no recourse. 4. It is primarily used for illegal purposes.
  13. I'm in! I kind of prefer the AK side folding stock kit or the K-Var fixed stock, keeping a standard AK rear trunion. I'm just not a fan of losing access to the wealth of AK accessories out there. Does your trigger group work with the Saiga bolt hold open? Yes, I know it's a female dog to reinstall, but I figured out how to do it. Activities: Hanging out with family, griling steaks and hot dogs, and watching fireworks.
  14. Lol I remember him. Wasn't he the crazy redhead?

  15. Haha, I miss that gun. I traded that autococker I got from you for something, can't remember what it was. I moved from paintball to the real stuff. It's more practical.

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