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  1. Tried that a dozen times and I still struggled. For me, i just couldn't get the technique down. Now it takes me 30 seconds with far less swearing.
  2. Mine was/is fine with my old-school monolith arms quad which is a similar design to the OPs. But...in his picture it looks as if the upper half of his quad rail would be pressed up tight against the vent (not really the ports) which would definitely (I think) cause some issues and would explain why it ran well after removing the upper half. Mine is close to the vent but there is plenty of room as not to block the vent.
  3. Spart, All great advice and observations - I've been around the block with many forums and you are correct on all counts. Hell, I used to belong to ARFCOM so dealing with rhetoric isn't anything new with me. Doesn't mean I need to lay down and take either... just sayin'... (not implying that this is your recommendation) After all, post count doesn't mean a thing in my mind. Content matters most in my opinion. I've been a member here for a while and do indeed do my research but never claimed (and never will claim) to be an authority on anything S-12 (except maybe taking it back apart because I forgot to put the front axis pin through the BHO plate).. I've been reading and learning along the way with most of my questions being found prior to needing to ask. Hence, the low post count on my part. With the amount of new S-12 owners one can expect more questions and with an admittedly crappy search function it is to be expected that not everyone will find everything that some of the folks here will think you should have found on your own. It's gonna happen! All of the self-proclaimed-legitimate-question-forum-enforcers should probably learn to deal with it and be happy that the forums are growing. The timing of my conversion with the recent onslaught of new S-12 owners is a good thing in my opinion. We may find and learn about new issues, thoughts, and concepts along the way. Maybe something new will pop up that will be more beneficial than something that has been posted prior - which apparently makes it gospel. That's why I think it is counter-productive to make someone feel like they're an idiot for asking a question that may or may have not been answered OR easy to find. At the end of the day some of it is comical though ... it's hard to wish that these little flare-ups didn't exist as they can be quite funny. My feelings are unscathed - I promise. If I let every dopey comment bother me I'd have unplugged my computer years ago and become a hermit. I have to go finish filling out my Butthurts form now ..... Have a good one - Stack
  4. FWIW, I've been punching the "search" button on this forum for the past couple weeks to the point where it's glowing red hot, and I haven't come across a discussion devoted to how the Tromix hammer needed to be polished before installation either. It doesn't seem to appear as a necessary stage on any of the conversion instructions I've read. Maybe it isn't so obvious as it might appear to some folks. In any case, I'm very interested to read about whether or not you've solved your gas port prob by drilling the handguard. I'm hoping you'll report back on this soon. Exactly what I experienced. Additionally, it's not shown in any of the videos I've watched. Beyond that, the company I bought the kit from evaded the question, twice. Which I can understand because of the potential for issues by taking it too far down but still ... hard to find an solid answer on it without some deductive reasoning. I did profile/polish mine down to what the original hammer looks like via calipers and my eyeball. Made a world of difference but apparently the OP had a different issue which I am glad has been solved for him.
  5. Probably the best solution yet!!
  6. No prob Stack. It's good to have lots of different ideas and fresh input on things. Indeed! Have a great one!
  7. I realize that - just trying to help. Hadn't seen the dual-axis pin method (and yes, I searched). I'll crawl back under my rock now.
  8. If you are talking to me I did reprofile and polish my bolt, carrier and rails before the conversion but I thought the modified tromix hammer did not need it. I have since re-profiled and polished it. Same here .. I thought the tromix FCG was good-to-go as is. We can't all be as smart as you are Mr. Tool! You could be if only you would read and retain, Mr. Stack. There is so much of this information already in these forums. The problems you are having aren't new, and the solutions haven't changed either, only the people asking. You're right.. I will definitely aspire to be like you. This is one of the reasons that I'm not a fan of forums. There are too many folks who deem themselves the king. Some folks just don't have the time to live on the forums or they might have missed something along the way and for that, they don't need to be criticized. There is life beyond the internet - I promise. What's the old saying? If you have nothing good to say then don't say it at all? Something like that. You can have your forum back sir , we all bow to you and your infinite wisdom. Good news is that you got two more post count!! Nice work for add absolutely nothing to a conversation. And now look at me - becoming just like you. You must be proud! No need for a response - it will be ignored as I refuse to muddy the waters with nonsense posts (beyond this one).
  9. It might be the picture but the entire rail system looks like it is out of alignment. That would explain why your vent was severely blocked.
  10. If you are talking to me I did reprofile and polish my bolt, carrier and rails before the conversion but I thought the modified tromix hammer did not need it. I have since re-profiled and polished it. Same here .. I thought the tromix FCG was good-to-go as is. We can't all be as smart as you are Mr. Tool!
  11. Not a problem - best of luck with your conversion.
  12. Sure thing ..... The hole at the bottom of the picture (largest open hole on your gas block) is what was being referenced. Apparently the upper section of the quad rail was blocking this vent. Holy cow - sorry about the size on that pic.
  13. Disregard: I see exactly what you're talking about. Sunnnoova...........
  14. Can someone point out exactly what is being blocked? I'm having similar issues ... Thanks in advance.
  15. Sounds even easier - need to give that a try. Thanks!
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