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  1. Still left my sb47 brace on my mini draco, I can still shoot it using as a cheek rest....but of course not touching your shoulder:(. But hey if nobody's looking you can still shoot it using the cheek rest....
  2. Nice I also have one of first batches also, ordered from Tony...forget the company, but outa NJ back in 2011
  3. I had one of those first batch vz2008 when they went on sale couple years back for $379 (jg sales), very disappointed on the build and the bad shody finish/barrel...sold it and kept what was worth keeping (original wooden stock) till this day spent my money on other firearms. For me I pay more and went with csa/czechpoint. With the FACTS given on both VZs, whether you want a cheap version or pay more for one, in the end it's your choice.
  4. Nice Zag thanks for info n pics, also have one and by the thicker barrel makes it little front heavy as compared to the others In .308. Zag is your super one of the first batches imported before WPA?
  5. Been a while also, since I shot my vepr. Hopefully soon with some range results
  6. It doesn't cost much to pay someone to have the tab added. Why does century arms have to pass that down to the consumers knowingly they build the vz2008 that May or may not have issues( would you trust your life on this rifle or when shtf? I sure wouldn't...I'm glad csa/czechpoint holds the patent to the "Tab" once they knew century was adding them to their first produced vz2008...czechpoint was going to or take them to court. It's about time a Reputable company who provides quality firearms to the U.S market stands up against a company who has a shody history on building firearms ...inclu
  7. Difference is in the Quality and how they build their rifles, test them and make sure they run reliably before sold to the masses.
  8. I recently aquired a tiger just recently and came with the svd brake. Correct me if I'm wrong but two versions entered the U.S the sporter version with no muzzle brake an regular thumb hole stock with no cheek riser and 3 setting on rear sight. Then there's the military version with the muzzle brake not attached entering the U.S removable cheek riser and adjustable sights up to 1200 meters. I agree if it were mine I would not mess with it.
  9. Been a while, bps12 I think as far as I know ur the first to go this RPK bullpup route......interesting. Just finished up my aes10b with some plum furniture
  10. Shooters-Shop.ru, only source that I am aware of. $56 a piece, plus a hefty shipping charge. Rather than trying to navigate the website, I simply e-mailed Maxim Larin (contact info is on the right side on their homepage). He processed my order for me and provided tracking info when it shipped. Very helpful guy. Thanks, just by looking at them ... I might just try and make my own
  11. liquid metal where can i get one of those mag release levers? been running my 2 chokes and molot gk01 for a short while from legion, but just received some plum rpk hg and tula muzzle brake from russiansurplus.net
  12. great job, almost looks identical to the one my friend modified about 2 years for my super vepr, also using the low m76 mount
  13. nice, ec4 was it hard to remove the stock polymer piece on the upper hg? mine is very hard to remove, how did you remove yours?
  14. SGM, is there any other dealers besides CSS i cand order your vepr mags from? thanks
  15. Put em in the WTS sections and get some from SGM made for the job. had already modified an 8 and 10 rounders, but the other two i will try and sell localy
  16. dagnabit...just received 4 AGP mags to modify to fit my vepr 12
  17. Which stock is that? the stock is from MFT (Mission First Tactical) ar15 stock. since then added a palms grip, and modified AGP 8 round magazine for a saiga 12 to fit my vepr
  18. just for kicks, added my side folder from my rpk and new pistol grip
  19. just received my vepr 12 from Black Horse Arsenal, added a different stock, much much better
  20. ENTIRELY different animals. Like saying a SAR1 is the same as a WASR, Nothing wrong with a WASR, but they are different They're really not. So they have a dimpled receiver, so what? They are made in the same factory as the WASR, by the same people, on the same tooling. Anything that applies to a WASR applies to a Draco as well, up to and including potential for magazine wobble, since ALL AKs can have it to some degree. By that logic, all Romanian guns are the same You will hate that folding stock after some range time. That said, I just bought another one. I'd highly rec
  21. finally received my jgsales 1063m, which ive been waiting for them to restock their shelves. ordered mine about 2 weeks agon and actually surprised when i checked their website today, nada/zero....all sold out, thank god i got one. im more surprised how fast the wasrs fly of their shelves as compared to the converted saigas, saigas still for sale there. any way very happy with my purchase, and thought id share some before and after pics before after cant wait for some range time
  22. been waiting for a while now for a 1063, since jgsales started selling again i made sure i got one this time. this will be my 5th cugir built ak variant, cant wait to take it to the range for some shootin
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