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  1. yours looks nice...can one modify a fugly stick handguard to work with an SBS? hd
  2. I feel like I need a barrel clamp to tighten the handguard to the barrel and the gas block....does anyone make a barrel clamp handguard? hd
  3. Hi all I have a red Jacket SBS 8" barrel conversion that I am having some handguard issues with....the handguard is one of those aluminum 3 rail jobs that connect to gun via the one screw that attaches to gas block... The issue is that the handguard moves forward about a 1/4" leaving a gap between handguard and receiver....look bad... Has anyone have a good handguard suggestions for my SBS???
  4. I ordered my mags on 2/8/07 and just received them yesterday...I am very pleased thanks
  5. HI all I have a saiga 7.62x39 mag to sell, this is the 10 round mag that comes standard, I don't need it anymore, I will sell for $20 shipped thanks doc
  6. HI all I have been a long browser, but not a poster, anyway, I am working on my 4 or 5th saiga conversion, this one is a long barrel, 7.62 x 39, and want sort of a non standard buttstock, not looking for a folder, or a standard, it needs to be black and US made, but if the right foreign is suggested, I guess I will just get more 922r parts. I was looking for an RPK type stock but can not find one...does anyone have suggestions??? thanks doc
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