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  1. http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/CSS_TACTICAL_Saiga_Shoutgun_Sight_rail_12_20_410_p/css-long-s12-sightrail.htm This is what im talking about. (except in short length) No one out there using it?
  2. Anyone running the CSS Sight rail that fit into the factory sight dovetail? Looking for a good solid, minimalist sight mount. Curious if anyone is happy with it? Thanks for any help.
  3. LINK Does anyone have the CSS optics rail and HK sights? Curious if this setup will cowitness. (T1 RDS) Thanks. Happy New Year!
  4. Mine was the same way... Although my factory plug would also rub the barrel upon installation...so I knew this one would. Mine does thread in (knowing it isnt cross threaded) a bit, then it gets tight and rubs the bbl. A few turns with some taped pliers to get past the "hump"..and it threaded right on in after that. Hope that helps. GL!
  5. ohh burnn Anyway. For those interested. Heres some crappy pics! It isnt done yet, but I couldnt resist spraying and assembly to try it out for a while. So far, its a whole new animal and im loving it. (auto plug not pictured) Edit:Forgot to mention...I was hesitant about the new kvar handguard and retainer..but they are quality pieces. Very tight fitting. Now to get a short rail stuck on the retainer "leg"...
  6. I had a thread going on my build. But I cant find it now. FAIL webfoo. Anyway, I had the LHCH added as well... Its a milled down op rod. BC was drilled, handle inserted and TIG together. So far, it seems to be a huge improvement. Will live fire when I get a chance, with the auto plug installed. Now to decide if I like it enough to cut up some other real beauties. Crappy pic sorry. FAIL fohtog
  7. Thanks for the input fellas. I am "dead set" on welding, mostly because I have easier access to a master TIG welder than someone to smash some rivets. Im kind of surprised to see these responses, being some of the major builders do this daily. All that being said...I have a guy that has more experience in TIG than I have been on this earth. I have full confidence in him, and if he thought it was a bad idea...he would have said GTFO I did get all of my parts... The rear HK sight mount is pretty rough on the bottom/edges...as they came "modified" to fit the 12. So I may have him run a
  8. I have had my saiga 12 converted for quite some time now. I decided its time for some real work to be done. I have a few questions, before it happens: I currently have the Tromix DIY trigger guard...but am looking to go in a different direction. Are there any other weld on options besides this same tromix style? Thinking about the RAM trigger welded on..and removing the grip mount in favor of the grip nut/screw. Perhaps the AK builder trigger guard, but welding instead of the rivets? Any options or opinions on this method? Going with the Left hand charging handle as well. Im ha
  9. Can I ask you guys what the cost is, to have the triangle folder installed?
  10. gripnS12

    FSB Swap

    How does one go about doing that? Here ya go. http://forum.novarata.net/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1487 Much thanks.. Little OT here, but that is a nice option. Anyone have any pics of this done on a saiga? Makes me wonder what the longest flash hider is I could get. To help eat up some of the barrel sticking out after doing this gas/fsb combo. Any input?
  11. gripnS12


    How are you guys sticking these mags together? I have an extra AGP body with a broken lip...I wouldnt mind chopping it and making a long stick mag!
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