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  1. Just got my new S12 FSB from Dinzig and am wondering what you guys did with your stock front sight. Someone chime in and give me some ideas... Thanks Turkey Slayer
  2. I got my new front sight block from Dinzig and am wondewring what to do with the factory front sight? how to get it off? Grind it flush? What have you guys done? Turkey Slayer
  3. I just got my new FSB and am wondering how to get the factory front sight off or what to do with it?? Turkey Slayer
  4. CORRECTION 9 pellets #1 Buck in a WAA112F114 wad, you can only get 6 pellets #2 buck. Sorry for the error... Turkey Slayer
  5. Does anyone shoot steel shot out of there S12's? Turkey Slayer
  6. I have been looking for a thread on venting the fore grip I belive it was a stock foregrip not sure though with no avail, can some of you salty s12 owners/converters guide me on venting the stock foregrip or is it even possible?? Somewhere here I ran into a post with templates using the photo and it looked really good, just can't find it, or what have others done?? Thank you oh Salty ones Turkey Slayer
  7. I am looking for a thread I ran across awhile ago about venting a stock foregrip (I think it was a stock forgrip) looked really nice. There was a template using the photo again I think??? I used the search engine to no avail. Anyway I am looking to do something with my foregrip and would like some input from you salts on this.. Thanks in advance Turkey Slayer
  8. Are you heating the mold as well, thats what it sounds like to me, do you have a burner to bring the lead up to the proper temp, or are you using a torch to melt the lead? All of these are important. Turkey Slayer
  9. I have been reloading many years and about 1 1/2 months ago got a Saiga 12 so I figured I would make a good GP load for it, I hit home this weekend. The best load weather it be bird shot, any buck shot, even lymans sabots (I pour my own) and smooth bore slug, I have gotten consistantly proven groups, very simple recipie. Winn AA hulls Winn 209 primers 24 grains Universal Clays this is important, Universal Clays has the perfect burn rate that I was trying to achive out of some 15 or 16 odd powders I tried. WA112 wads 1 1/8 oz shot or 9 pellets 00 buck and so on your gas setting will be on 1 After I was done and thought I found the load, I loaded some 500 mixed Bird shot and my hand rolled 1 oz sabots I got incredibable patterns at 65 ft. and 2 1/2" groups on the sabots at 50 yds. I hope this will help some of you shotshell reloaders save time and money, Turkey Slayer
  10. [quote I didn't pop out that puck for 3 years...I stopped counting how many rounds I ran through mine after 2k no stoppages on the cheapest birdshot i can buy The only reason I know how many rds I've got through the thing is I reload, If I had to buy ammo for it I wouldn't bump. The thing is a shotshell eating and spitting lead monster. I just got my conversion done and it's bada$$. I have started to pour my own sabots, just got me a lyman sabot mold, it's perfect because I can use standard wads and crimp the shells still. I'm thinkin I'm gonna try turkey and deer hunting with it this season. I've already cleaned the turtles and beavers outta my creek with it. It kills real good.. I may just scare em to death with the shark break I got from Tony. Thanks for the replys good people. Turkey Slayer
  11. Very scientific, so it's a hell of alot of slamin in this thing to push the bolt carrier back. Thank you oh salty one. Turkey Slayer
  12. How does the gases get by the disk to push the gas piston back? Seems to me that it would block most of the gases to cycle the weapon. Turkey Slayer
  13. There was alot of crap, used a dental pick cleaned out the gas ports really well, there are 3 -1/16th" holes in a triangle pettern with 2 in the front a 1 in the back. There was alot of hard carbon build up on that disk, took a wire wheel and cleaned it up good, I used a pick and cleaned the 2 grooves, it was kinda thick and well packed in there, so thick I thought it was some kinda seal, it seemed fibery or something. The disk that sits behind the gas adjustment is loose and moves back and forth maybe 3/16" between the gas piston and the disk thing. Never noticeed it before I ever shot the gun of course I didn't have it 30min. and ran 300rds through it. Got it a mo. ago and it's already got 1000+ rds.
  14. the gas ports today took out that hocky puck thing with 2 grooves and 1 of the grooves had some kinda thick crap in it or was that some kinda seal??? It seems to move back and forth ever so slightly now, never did that before did I screw up cleaning the grove out? I had to really push it to get it out, after cleaning it, it jumped in. Wanta shoot tomarrow and don't want any problems. What do you salty saiga 12 shooters think??? Thanks in advance Guys Turkey Slayer
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