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  1. So I bought some interesting magazines that appear to be converted East German Weiger mags. They are brand new and are in bags from Surefiregunmags. I originally purchased them with the intent to convert them to fit a different rifle but am having second thoughts since they are brand new and nicely finished. The only Saiga I own is a SGL31-68 so I don't have any use for them as is. Are these good mags for the .223 Saiga rifles? Anyone have experience with them? Are they reliable?
  2. Look at page 32, you don't include the trigger guard in the measurement. Thanks!! I missed that.
  3. The Saiga shotguns measure about 4.25" from the trigger guard to the top of the dust cover. The typical "sporting shotguns" measure just under 4" in the same ("deepest") location. I don't think this is a coincidence. They are targeting the Saiga with this "Excessive Bulk" feature. I hope I'm wrong. EDIT: The trigger guard is not included in the measurement. Glad I'm wrong!!
  4. It seems to me that they are going after the Saiga shotguns with the "Excessive Bulk" feature. If you measure from the bottom of the trigger guard to the top of the dust cover it measures about 4.25". If you look at the same dimensions on say a Benelli it measures JUST UNDER 4". Coincidence? I don't think so. I hope I am wrong on this as I haven't bought a Saiga shotgun yet!
  5. Jeez, guys, save some for those who don't have ONE yet!
  6. LOL... Small World!!! Thanks, by the way!
  7. I was looking at two Saiga shotguns today - a .410 and a 20G - and noticed a strange difference in the bolt carriers. The .410 looked just like any other AKM bolt carrier while the 20G had a slot in the top of the hole where the recoil springs fits. It also had a thin sheet metal cover that was fitted on the recoil rod and moved with the carrier. The cover seemed like it was there to cover the slot in the bolt carrier when the recoil spring is compressed. Is this normal? What is the purpose of the design? These are the first Saiga shotguns that I have inspected.
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