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  1. Gentlemen! Even if for some reason Hillary Clinton gets nominated by the DNC, which most likely won't happen, the US will not vote for her. You guys saw the perentage of people that voted for Bush in 04'. A good majority of those people are Christians, and we believe, and don't take this the wrong way, but the leader and the man is the one that does all the decision making. Hillary is also completely the same as Kerry, she doesn't know what she stands for. She is trying to be a conservative democrat, which doesn't make sense anyways. She has already done the damage in New York and has become a yippy liberal. Even yippy liberals won't vote for a woman to take the seat. I am a Republican and I like Mrs. Rice and there's talk about her runnig for office and I wouldn't vote for her, I would go Independent first if she was the Republican dominee, and it's not because she is a black woman, but just a woman. I honestly believe they aren't capable to lead a nation. I love women and have a lot of respect for them and pray that my wife is the best woman in the world. But leading the US. It's a tough sell. The US has become liberal, but most of the US is still Conservative. Ricky
  2. yeah, this weekend sucked, counldn't do anything. Glad we are back online! Ricky
  3. Bought the Bullpup from DTI!! Good gun, good deal with a pelican case and a sling!! He forgot the Pelilocks 3 weeks ago, I hassled the guy for a while with PM and he keeped forgetting, but i understood cause he's a patient guy and a family man. So what did Dodge do, he paid almost $4 to send me the locks on 021705 and they arrived on 021805. That was awesome in it's self, then to make up for the time waited, Dodge threw an extra $10!! A total of almost $15 where spend on these locks. The locks themselves are worth like $50! The pelican case used is maybe worth $80. Dodge Gave me a steal. Dodge gets a lot of crap for been a jarhead and talkative, but is truly a wise and fair business person. Ricky
  4. The other way to go around this is to use a program other than Internet Explorer. You can use Mozilla! It works a lot better, faster, and almost no pop ups. I use Mozilla on my laptop all the time. That's what I am writting this message on. 90% of the websites work on Mozilla. Then you hardly have to worry about spyware or virus. Ricky
  5. i will pay threve for 2 of them.. (celebrity jeopardy) Ricky
  6. gratis is gratis- FYI gratis is spanish for free Shoot (no pun intended) if you don't like it, I'll take it! Ricky
  7. black OD background and red lettering is awesome!! Black on black is also awesome!!! Count me in brother! Ricky FYI the bullpup was shot in the dark last night, sweet enough
  8. aaHHH! It's a toss up between a cheaper CZ or FN or dropping some more $$ on a glock 19. I have smaller hands, so i would like that. I am 20 but my dad said he would buy it for me. As far as i know you can't buy it but you can carry one in a vehicle in the trunk in a locked case. Does this sound right to you guys? Ricky
  9. You should try getting a Mossberg 500 Bullpup 12 gauge shotgun I bought it from dodge last saturday and it's an awesome little gun!! Ricky
  10. With Bush as the president, we should be okay! Good thing Kerry wasn't elected, he wanted to get together with the United Nations and have the US private citizens automatic weapons taken away! FYI: The 2nd amendment was the only reason why Japan never invaded the US in WWII - They knew that Grandma and Grandpa had weapons to defend themselves!
  11. the first post price is a good deal. i bought 1,000 or wolf for $118 for paid shipping. GAY that i later found it cheaper at aimsurplus.com or cheaperthandirt.com or sportmansguide.com Should of looked first, but ammoman.com gave me what i thought was a good deal, because the pawn shop is the only place in town that sells them here and they charge about 15-20 cents a round. Ricky
  12. the civilian version of this looks goofy because they had to extend the barrel, i don't like it! Ricky
  13. Good JOB!! I wish i had the patience and mechanical skills to replace the triger. But! ? for ya! Where did you get the AR-15 modified stock??? Ricky
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