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  1. Test fire was flawless but I didn't bother to sight in the Red dot (308 to expensive atm). FSB is back from Dinzag, more photos soon. I'm not sure I like the Tapco foregrip. Any thoughts and or photos would be greatly helpful?
  2. The first time I shot an FAL and I was hooked. It's a great rifle. I love the Saiga 308 as well and I am almost done with that one. I just got the FSB back from Dinzag and it will be complete as far as fuctionality. But that is another post. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/86607-my-second-308-build/
  3. Thank you for the compliments. I love the wood on the L1A1's. I have a wood pistol grip and stock for a G1 FAL but due to 922r I wouldn't have the correct parts count. Need to get some US made floor plates and fallowers for the meteric mags. When I get the wood all finished (boild/bleached, sanded to 600 grit, dents and scratches filled in, stained in red mahogany and a high gloss lacquere) and the metal refinished (Gloss black ALUMA HYDE) I will post more photos of the L1A1. The other 2 I will use Matte black ALUMA HYDE. I still have a lot of work to do. Oh and yes 308 is not cheap. Thank Go
  4. I punched out the pins and used a hard rubber malet and it came off. I may have cut the cap off the front first. Try that then put the muzzle on a phone book and give it a good wack.
  5. Found it. Second day back at work and yep it was in my tool box. LOL
  6. Still need to refinsh the metal and wood. Oh yah and test fire.
  7. Not so old but yes to both. I biult 3 FAL's last Saturday.
  8. I just sent out the FSB to Dinzag and then once I get it instaled and coat the reciever It will be done. I did take it out for a test fire and it ran great. That GGG ammo is clean stuff. I think I may remove the hinge and make it a solid stock, and I may put wood on the front.
  9. HOG76 set me up with a factory 308 safety. I just know I will find the one I lost any day now. Oh well spare parts a good to have.
  10. Thank you. I'm going to send the FS to Dinzag for the milling to reposition it further back. So for now the Russian red dot will work.
  11. So it's not quite finished but I thought everyone might like to see it. Enjoy.
  12. I ran into this problem on my last S308 conversion I did for a friend. I think I might have taken my safety out of the box to weld it at work. This was months ago and where it went who knows. To meny gun projects so little time.
  13. Thanks HOG76 You helped solve this issue instantly.
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