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  1. WA gunlaws are half assed and inane. But WA's Concealed permit consists of no photo or required classes, unlike MT or ID and yet don't show reciprocity like MT and ID do for WA. What the fuck is that all about. Of course, this IS the state that just pink-slipped a bunch of WADOC yesterday. Brilliant idea.
  2. My favorite round, mostly for grins, is the Federal 3" 000. But I've compared others such as the Winchester 3" 00 and Fiocchi 2.75" The Saigas are 19" and the FN is 22". FN is a bit tighter and even spaced group (well, as much as a smoothbore shotgun can be). Nothing wrong with having several where your preference depends on mood. I'd love to get an over-under at some point though. Lame trap range restricts to 2 rounds loaded.
  3. The other week I took a couple friends shooting. One very experienced the other person not at all. Both liked my FN SLP Mark I a lot more than my converted S12s (with 10 and 13 round mags). The FN is smooth as hell with an amazing pattern which really caught their attention. Less fun factor I think. But I guess the Saigas aren't for everyone--more S12s for us.
  4. By expensive you mean back before people knew $150 were dropped on 8 round Russian mags and $400 on drums? Might be cheaper these days, lots of Boeing machinists need to work for the first time in their lives.
  5. Red rocket! That looks terrible. WA state is pretty good about vodka--having to cater to our Spokane and Seattle chop shops and all. You probably won't get far with the request, best to attempt import which is always a gamble. And who needs the bottles anyhow? I am sure someone could PDF the label if asked. It's the stuff inside you want. Some Russians toss or pocket the cap, not to be put back on the bottle.
  6. Pussy. Real men grill in single digits. Assuming you aren't a heretic (charcoal).
  7. You'd probably want to down a vat of psyllium husks to even pass it.
  8. Looks friggin awesome. Once my social experiment diet (no corn, corn derived or corn-fed food for a month) ends I am making one! http://www.bbqaddicts.com/blog/recipes/bacon-explosion/
  9. 'Grats. We here in Washington State pride ourselves on the ability to get permits within a few days of filing without formal instruction, then not accepting states which do--such as Idaho and Montana.
  10. Well sure, who'd you shoot with a population density of 15 ppl/km^2.
  11. Is this for fun? Otherwise... Less than lethal has little place on the civilian market. We are not riot cops (99% of us). The only reason you point a firearm at a person, deer, paper or ming vase is you're willing to destroy it. Firearms are a tool for killing; if your life is in danger to the point you need to shoot at anything, you should be killing it. If this is for fun, go for it! If you are considering this as a round for personal home defense you might want to research it and possibly pay the fee for a couple of hours of a lawyers time.
  12. The caltrops are sweet. Depends where you are. In Iraq it's the bomb blasts and 7.62 fire you want to escape from. Knowing the durkas they'd shoot a 50 shoulder mounted and backwards. Then once it rips through an apartment building down the block they'll say, "Look what the Americans did!"
  13. I broke one of the AGPs in the front just last November shooting 3" and another AGP's follower was going all the way up to the feed lip. Both replaced, no problem. I will have to put a couple boxes of 3" in my surefires when they come. Just to see.
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