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  1. I ordered some mags from him in October 2005 and just got them this week...His disclosure on shipping is a bit off I would say. He did however respond to every email I sent but could give me no status other than they shipped. I was impressed with what I got, but 5 months is a bit long of a wait.
  2. Haven't been on the boards much, playing catchup on all the new stuff. Is there a pre order list or anything of the sort for these mags? Not sure if antzy is the word with all the posts I've seen on this forum and others....this is going to be big no doubt about it.
  3. Kinda MIA...had to deploy. Can I paypal you the funds? I've got limited intranet so be patient with me
  4. Followers and springs showed up today!!
  5. Worried? Eh maybe a little-Oleg said he had 12 orders "intercepted" last month. And anxious, I ordered those babies back in mid January...
  6. You still got the Saiga? I'm interested can you do pics? PM me some details on the gun. I'm looking for another Saiga 12 converted or not.
  7. I got my mag bodies in last week, still no springs or followers-never got a receipt yet either...
  8. I emailed about the Saiga as well and heard nothing back...
  9. All- Looking to buy a used or new unconverted Saiga 12 in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Anyone around there wanna part with one?
  10. Man o' man, never a dull moment on the Saiga 12 HI-CAP-CITY mags...
  11. Heres another done in Molyresin...
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