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  1. Yeah if you put the retaining clip on from inside the mag well. Pull it back out, take off the hand gaurd and install it from the front of the receiver.
  2. Yeah that screw is messed up, get a small "easy out" or a reversed drill bit (left hand, I think?)
  3. I have one, the locking lever doesn't do anything, you get it tighter by just using a screwdriver, I'd pay a little more and get a BP-02 mount
  4. Coils


    Sorry to hear about this. But look on the bright side, if this is the only "unhappy" customer, your still at a 99%(+) satisfied customer record.
  5. A friend had one of those Ceiner AK kits, it wasn't worth it. Also the BD mags won't work with the Ceiner, the Ceiner mags have the ejector made into the left feed lip.
  6. Coils

    New Conversion

    Very nice, thanks for the pic
  7. Got my tracking info yesterday, but of course USPS is slow as usual keeping the site updated. In the other thread he said the windage is adjusted by the rear sight, I'm guessing you'd need to do something with the front post for elevation.
  8. Coils


    Yeah that does suck nothing is happening with this idea, at least it seems that way. Agree 100% on the video, should of used a mag and shouldered it. If the double stacks mags come out they would be great for this. +1 on the concept, I really like the looks of the one on the home page, hope they can come out with it.
  9. Coils

    Red Dot Scope

    BP-01 with rail, they make a low and tall
  10. Coils

    AR Mag Adapter

    I also have a question, just curious nothing else. Why do people complain about the MSA bilboard on the side of the adapter?
  11. The main issues with 308 & 762 NATO is with the H&K and CETME rifles, they have a fluted chamber and since 308 has a thinner case they can rupture because of the flutes. A standard chambered 308 usually can handle both.
  12. Regal, I think you were being BS'ed about them not being available, I was just at a local shop and he got one in within the last two weeks. I pm'ed you some info, hope it helps.
  13. Coils

    20 inch barrels

    Don't know, they only show the 16" in this caliber on the site? http://www.raacfirearms.com/Saiga.htm
  14. Gunbroker is a good site, just check out the sellers feedback like any other auction site.
  15. I don't know how loud yours is but yes all of mine have the rattling noise when loaded. You'd think it wouldn't with the spring pressure against the shells.
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