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  1. nice track

    can you get one with a suppressor?


  2. The rail seems to be holding up well. Never seemed to move. Sorry I cannot sell it separatly
  3. I have been way out of the loop on Saigas and guns for that matter. I was wondering what unconverted S12's are going for these days? I saw one at a gun shop for $800 and about shit. Also could someone tell me what I should ask for for the one pictured above? Thanks
  4. Where in Wisconsin do you live? Everytime the CC bill goes in for a vote it does very well but doesnt seem to pass. I think the last time it went to vote it needed only like one more vote and we had a conservative rep. flip flop and vote the other way. Way too mant damn liberals around the area I live.
  5. Heres what I did........... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=7292&hl=
  6. I personally like the Choate version better. I think its better quality and looks better. But thats just my opinion and you know what they say about those. Here is mine: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=6177&hl= AND THIS IS FOR A AK FIBERFORCE ? OR THE SAIGA BRAND ONE? I FIGURED A AK 47 FIBERFORCE WOULD NOT WORK UNLESS YOU MOVED THE FCG ETC??? AND THATS WHY THEY SELL THE SAIGA BRAND, SO YOU DONT HAVE TO MOVE THE PARTS Misfit, do me a favor and take off the cap locks the next time you post. The other thing is, I was unaware that
  7. I sat in my seat of the Boeing 767 waiting for everyone to hurry and stow their carry-ons and grab a seat so we could start what I was sure to be a long, uneventful flight home. With the huge capacity and slow moving people taking their time to stuff luggage far too big for the overhead and never paying much attention to holding up the growing line behind them, I simply shook my head knowing that this flight was not starting out very well. I was anxious to get home to see my loved ones so I was focused on my issues and just felt like standing up and yelling for some of these clowns to get
  8. Here is a picture of my son and I at Myrtle Beach last weekend. Sorry its so dark.
  9. The mustang is an 86 the engine is out of an 88 turbocoupe. I plan on taking some more pictures of the car this weekend. She aint much to look at right now but shes solid and was only $800. Soon Im going to change it to 5lug and upgrade to 4 wheel discs. What kind of header you got? Can you send me pics?
  10. Hello everyone havent been around for a long time figured I would stop by and say hi. My guns are pretty much collecting dust right now. Got me a new modding project. I put a turbo 2.3 4 banger in my mustang. Its been occupying most of my time. Its becoming a really fun car. See ya Keep on working on them saigas!
  11. how do you like your scope I'm looking to get one of thoose with the range finder in the scope wondering how well they work I like it. It fits the gun. its clear and has rangefindinging on it and an illuminated retical.
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