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  1. I picked the 7.62x39 for several reasons. One, I want to be realistic. I'm a realist, and a truth seeker. I've SEEN people hit a man sized target at 500 yrds with a .308 with irons. Some people can do that. I can't. Maybe 200 max, if I have my glasses on, and I take my time. With a 12x scope, 500 yards would still not be easy because my breathing causes the scope to move. I can, in reality easily it a target a 100yrds with irons, and a headshot with a 1x or 4x scope. With a .308, I can hit the same as 7.62x39. The only difference being the pure speed of the bullet. Its the same caliber in width, so at 100yrds, you get about the same knock-down power, and where I live, you won't be shooting past 250yrds max anyway. The 7.62x39 round is cheap, plentiful, and the rifle can be converted BACK to being a real AK, so thus, will take the 30 & 20rnd mags. Its foolish, in a bad scenerio, to empty bullets at a target, and pray you hit them, its best to carefully place your rounds. One can hit a paper plate at 200 yards with a x39 pretty easy, the Saiga is MORE than capable of shooting 2.5 MOA if it is properly maintained. Mine fires like a swiss watch operates. Mine is the 16 barrel, and I have a grip pod to stand it on. I just like to be realistic about how my rifle works. A paper plate, at 100 yrds, can be hit easily, even with my bad vision with irons. If you have been shooting all your life, like I have, you are used to using a firearm, you know how to place your rounds. I'm not going to get into the .223. I don't like touching on that because I prefer a .30 caliber or better. Don't focus on the irons when aiming, focus on your target. Man is a predator, his eyes are focused forward.
  2. Ok, which is it, the best one good for going toe to toe with an big ugly guy in his face when you run out of ammo? Something light, stable, durable, hopefully adjustable, but not a priority.
  3. Yep, brown bear, no doubt. I haven't seen it rust yet. Its groupings are VERY well at 100yrds, almost tacking the same hole.
  4. Ok, I sold the Vortex StrikeFire. I sold it because the button on the side would bang on & off in my truck. I took the some $150 I got it for, and bought a AmeriGlo Tritium front post, and a Accushot 1x - 4x. The Scope is heavy, if you are like me, and don't work out, it adds weight to the rifle. So far, I see it works well as a non-red-dot. With 1x, you can aquire your target fast without batteries, which is a plus, in a SHTF situation. It has a 4x dial, where you can zoom out to snap something at 200yrds. I also like the plus of a 4-5 inch eye relief, so it doesn't come back, and knock your hat off, or poke your eye out. I've fired about 100 rnds through it, and it seems to hold up well. I have Leopold rings holding it on to the GuntecUSA quick detach mount. Ill let you guys know more as I keep using it during this deer season. EDIT: Also I'd like to add. You would THINK it is a cheap scope by the picture, it is not, by any means. The lens is outstanding for a $90 scope. I think it could be comparable with scopes that cost 5x as much.
  5. Final conversion. Done yesterday. Pistol grip conversion. NCstar Flashlight. Grip-Pod. Vortex Strikefire. Guntec USA mount. M4 T6 stock.
  6. Mine wouldn't tun off! Even if I pulled the battery. I banged it on the table, on the switch side, and it works fine now.
  7. I am from the South and it should be pretty damn obvious, even to a microcephalic boor such as yourself, that I am better educated then you. Only an idiot would stand on the misguided principal of political correctness and yet blatantly insult so many Americans. I assume the concept of being proud of one's heritage without having to hate another is a duality that you can not comprehend. By the way, I fly the stars and bars at my home, you are more then welcome to try and take it down if it offends you... I fly the stars & bars in my office, and the Gadsden outside the office. If someone doesn't like it, they can leave, and drive 50 miles to the other closest computer repair store.
  8. Use some locktite, thats what I had to do to mine. Don't use the red, or you will have to drill the screw off. Its not a problem with the gun, but a design flaw with using a certain thread of screw.
  9. This has been asked before, I know. I have a T6 Tapco stock. What are the advantages to conversion? Does it make the gun more reliable to restore it? I won't attempt it myself, since I already have maybe $700+ in the gun, I'll have a gunsmith do it.
  10. My GunTec USA side mount will let you co-witness, however, you have to set your irons to 200 yards or higher, which I already have them set anyways. It seems to nail a target at close range better. Its just under the vortex strikefire. Its somewhat hard to see them, but they work. Its a quick detach mount anyway. The rail, sits about 1/10th an inch off the receiver cover. Its a VERY low mount.
  11. Is there anyway to rig a bayonet to work on a Saiga 7.62 '16 barrel without modifying the gun? I want to do this, mostly for show for guests, when I have it at home on it's rack.
  12. I recall a thread where someone was sent the wrong mount. They called vortex and they gladly exchanged it for them. Seems worth a shot. From what I understand vortex's customer service is supposed to be excellent. good luck. Buzz, I think he's talking about the actual rings that come with the sight. Awesome! I'll call them in the morning.
  13. I had a wolf misfire in my SKS about a year ago. Only one that ever did. The shell did not eject, and it blew smoke all over the place.
  14. I got the high mount for the strikefire, anyone know where I can get the low mount? I'd be happy to swap with someone, or buy the low mount if its not too expensive, or a 3rd party mount that will work on it.
  15. My strikefire is mounted on a quick detach mount on the side rail. It doesn't get hot, maybe warm, but not hot.
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