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  1. Are the IZ340's coming with the cuts and hols for the FCG move ?
  2. I saw this AK-105B barrel assembly at K-var. Its 12.5 inches comes with FSB and looks like front trunion, says :Note: Hardware (pins, springs, etc..) are not included. Parts are only pressed on, not drilled and pinned." Pbviously I would send it to a builder and get the $200 stamp, but what else would I need? I don't want an authentic clone just a practical 12.5" barrel AK-74. Alternatively what is the shortest one can have the stock barrel using the inexpensive GB/tubes,piston etc? Ie would an AMD front end fit on the barrel, or something else? I have an SLR-105 and its fi
  3. Last year I almost bought a 22" barrel Saiga, now they seem impossible to find. Anyone heard anything?
  4. Yes we all need to know if the Vepr shoots better than the S-308 with say avg russian ammo (both rifles.)
  5. I've been looking at buying one of these and like everything else I've been researching it to death. I really don't see evedince of these being 1.5MOA rifles in this thread or anywhere else. You need a 10 shot group, and unless you shouldn't have to wait for the barrel to cool down, otherwise you are better served with a Savage bolt gun, no? I think the real question folks want to know is maxium confident range. One target showed about a 6" group at 200 yards (no barrel cooling). So I think calling them 1.5MOA is a bit misleading to prospective buyers comparing them to an AR10.
  6. Can't decide which one to buy, after the conversion and adding a PSO the price is roughly the same. If the Saiga .308 is at best a 2" MOA gun I would say it would be reckless to use as a DMR over 400 yards. The Rommanian PSL it I've been told reliable as a DMR out to 600 yards, but there are some poor QC and reliability issues with the PSL. The Saiga has a 25 round mag available. The ammo cost are getting to be pretty close. Probably better off saving for an AR10 type setup ?
  7. If they had a solid source of military grade mags available, I think a lot more folks would have them. Maybe its the difficulty to attach a brake or flash hider. I searched the posts in this forum and I can't grasp how one would attach a muzzel device withFSB pushed up to the end of the barrel as it comes from the factory..
  8. Is it a 5.45 Saiga? Does the store have any left?
  9. If I convert and use the Choat dragunov stock I am thinking I could use a FCG from a russian tula kit as 922® wouldn't apply to a dragunov stock? Would there be any advantage to this? I imagine with all the Tula kits just imported there will be some FCG available, would be nice to have an original russian FCG. Also is there any convecieable way to put a NDS "Tabuk" style flash hider with 14x1 LH threads on the .308 Saiga? Last are the new .308 saiga's selling now have the stub FSB or do they have the extra length past the FSB like the x39's do ? Thanks, Again
  10. Yea I guess if the 12 guage models are holding up this shouldn't be a problem. Duh. I'm thinking I need to buy one of these as its the closest thing to an SVD with the benefit of using USA available ammo. Understand the conversion is a little different need to study up on that. I honestly don't understand why these aren't more popular, seem like Pattons favorite battle rifle only 1/3 the price. Thanks Gentlemen!
  11. The thing holding me back from buying a Saiga .308 is that historically such a powerful cartidge would use the bigger (RPK?) recievers. Does the current SVD use the same reciever as the Saiga .308? Have there been any long term abuse studies of the Saiga .308 with regard to reciever flex, cracks, etc?
  12. Which stock is high enough to give a decent cheeckweld with a bigger scope?
  13. Do you have a scope on you're Saiga? Any pictures of it? Do you have any issues with long range + scope maintaining checkweld? The performance of this rifle is very good for the price, the ergonomics are what concern me.
  14. Last news was there were importation issues, the 5.45 has been sold out for a few months now, the 20: .223's are almost gone. Any light at the end of the tunnel yet?
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