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  1. Congratulations G O B on your retirement. Now for the good life!

  2. Congratulations TacSat!

    1. TacSat


      thank you..


  3. Ugh, snow in Grand RApids, MI. Will spring ever get here and stay? Michigan, you got to love it.........not!!

    1. YARP


      I still love the MI...but it was a pretty crappy thing to wake up to this morning.

    2. SpeedmanRC


      yeah, a good inch this morning on the car and grass. sucks.

  4. Blue MI goes Red!

    1. YARP


      AWESOME! I'm so stoked right now I can't put it in to words!

    2. swells08


      Awesome! Appears to work...lol

  5. I just voted. I still have hope!

  6. Good luck on your surgery psl sniper.

    1. Juggernaut


      I thought he was joking!!! Prayers out!!!

    2. Lone Star Arms

      Lone Star Arms

      Prayers and best wishes!

  7. Congrats akastormi. Getting back on your feet again could take awhile. Count your blessings, you could be playing a harp.

  8. Paulyski, try using the software that came with printer to install/uninstall. Don't rely on Windows self install mode.

    1. Paulyski


      It turns out, if HP All-In-Ones are installed wrong, even though you "remove" the programs in the control panel's list, remnants remain & if you try to reinstall, it thinks the thing is already installed & you remain screwed.


      I just said fuck it.

      It's worth $50.00 to have it fixed & tuned in 45 min while I look @ guns elseware

    2. Bvamp


      dude, pay me 20 and give me remote access and Ill do it from here when you have ten minutes

  9. Paulyski, the answer is manic.

    1. Paulyski


      Yeah, that too.

      It's sad when it happens to a geriopsych patient. If their meds don't get done right & knock them out, the heart eventually gives out, or they stroke out.


  10. What do you call someone who's been awake for 2 weeks? Manic!

  11. The gene pool has been contaminated!

    1. mav


      thank god I decided to sit in a lawn chair and drink, instead of swimming.

    2. Juggernaut


      I like pissin' in the gene pool....

    3. Bean.223


      I like spreading my gene pool....like bean paste!!!

  12. The zoo is quiet tonight....

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