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  1. Thanks ProgCoder. You confirmed what I thought might be the case. It makes sense, particularly since the importer is offering the high caps for sale. In light of the expired ban what does not make sense is the requirement to limit the number of imported parts to ten or less when "building" or customizing an "assault" rifle. The receiver has to be registered through FFL process why should the BATF care about the rest as long as there is no attempt to convert to full auto? Am I missing something? "Wolverine"
  2. Rogi: I am afraid so. The Saiga does not take standard AK-47 type of magazines (without modification). See the threads below on guys who have made the modifications and the debate over the value of spending $8 - $10 on a standard magazine and investing the time and energy to modify them (as well as reliability concerns) versus buying Russian made 30 round Saiga magazines for $28 to $30 each. The importer EAA sells them online for $30. Ramsey Sport sells them online for $28. That's it. So you are left to decide to modify or sell the standard AK mags. I am waiting for feedback on
  3. Gentlemen: I am new to the AK-47 and Saiga experience. I recently bought a new WASR-10 and Saiga in 7.62 x 39. Of course I have tried both out already. Frankly I am far more impressed with the quality level of the Saiga which i I bought at Dunham's for $199 plus state tax. The WASR was $299. I have been following the threads on magazines with interest. I bought some new 30 round Bulgarians for WASR for $10 each. The Saiga comes with a 10 round mag. EAA sells the 30 round for $30 bucks. The question I have is a 922 legal one. The Saiga was 100% manufactured in Russia. S
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