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  1. VERY NICE! Unlike those that have stated " I'm not a bullpup fan" I am a bullpup fan and have built a Saiga 410 from a kvar kit and I like it alot. That being said, yours looks much nicer. I hope you bring it into production, I think there are a lot of closet bulpup fans out there.
  2. Spyderco Delica. After 20 years of carrying them I'm on my third one.
  3. Wow, there are some interesting folks around here. I've been paddling white water canoes for over 20 years. My handle is a play on spelling, kanur = ku new er = canoer. We are also interested in dual sport motorcycle touring The Mrs on her BMW 650 GS back in Oct down in Arkansas I used to restore and race vintage Penton dirt bikes but now they mostly just collect dust.
  4. Kel-Tec RMR if they actually make it to market and I hope my number makes it to the top of the waiting list for my JBuntings 10/22 bullpup stock.
  5. kanur

    410 Bull Puppy

    Now that is funny because my wife just got one of those expensive Mission/Amish style table sets where the chairs weigh about 50# each and has informed me there will be no more cleaning or working on guns at the table. My MBUS front sight arrived and it is on and the barrel mounted sight is gone. I had planned on a red dot but I like the clean looks and simplicity of the front and rear MBUS so much I may just leave it like that. Another member posted this pic of a barrel shroud they are making so I'm thinking something like it and a muzzle brake would be a nice finishing touch. If I ge
  6. That's good shoot'n, do bad you didn't get to finish the round with your 410.
  7. I'm liking your barrel shroud, that would be a perfect way to finish up my bullpup 410.
  8. kanur

    410 Bull Puppy

    Ha Ha That makes the gun and me a good match for each other. Yeoldetool The front site is what comes with the kit. The rear that comes with it is made for an AK and will not work on the Saiga shotgun. I adapted an HK rail to it and robbed the rear MBUS from my AR that I never shoot. I have a front MBUS on order and will ditch the front sight when it comes in. I'm also thinking of putting a red dot on it. Since the kit is made for an AK rifle and not a shotgun it had a few hiccups to start with but works very well now. With an AOL of just 30" it is my new truck gun giving my Kel-Te
  9. kanur

    410 Bull Puppy

    It's not ambi, that's for sure
  10. You either love them or hate them and I'm a Bullpup fan With all the buzz on the net about the Kel-Tec KSG and the new bullpup kit for the Remmington 870 I found myself wanting a bullpup shottie but none are available yet. I had read about Saiga's being converted using the K-Var kit and I already had a converted 410 so that seemed the way to go. Here is what I ended up with and I'm pretty pleased with it.
  11. CU-NEW-ER I have been paddling white water canoes for the last 20 years.
  12. Dirt Bikes and White Water Paddling. I have been paddling white water rivers in kayaks, canoes, and ocasionally rafts for over 20 years and riding dirt bikes even longer. In 2004 after a 13 year wait we got a private party permit to do the Grand Canyon. It took 18 days and we went 225 miles. There is no place to restock or get out untill then. The best part was no one in our group had ever been there. Other than what our guide books said no one new what was coming up next. That made it a real adventure.
  13. I fool around a lot with vintage dirt bikes and have found 2 suppliers that have a lot of the things I need. One is one state away in TN and the other is 2000 miles away in California. On the same item for the same price the TN guy will be 3 times higher on shipping. Guess what? I always check with the CA guy first. When I sell something on ebay I always advertise my item with free shipping and set my opening bid accordingly. This seems to get more bids and more money for me in the end. Ebay now requires a seller to post a shipping charge so it makes me think they were getting a lot of co
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