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  1. I'd have to go with the sig 228 with the CZ75c in a close second.
  2. What you'll want (have) to do is got to http://rrages.com and pick up the HK push pins and the screw kit. They will make your life a TON easier. Then get yourself a clamp-on rail and some kind of optic on the gun. The iron sites work, but they aren't the greatest for precision work. Buy lots and lots of mags, but DO NOT put any non jacketed rounds though it or else hate yourself cleaning. I also run mini-mags at all possible and stay away from remington thunderbotls, but that's a personal preference. I've put maybe 3k rounds through mine and it's been a great little gun (GSG5 pre suit gen 2)
  3. Hey red. It all depends on what you're looking for in a pistol. I've had my FNP45 for a few years now. One thing, if you plan to conceal carry it, look elsewhere. It's big. Best used as an open holster or bedside gun. The benefits are; It's big. Round count is comparable to 40 cal and 9mm. USGs operate similar to 1911s, so if you're used to that, there's not much learning curve for this unit. I have a standard model because I would over release the safety and accidentally decock it when I was handling the USG. DA pull is heavy, 12lbs or so, so you can literally hold it up by the trigger and even pull it out of a holster by the trigger without it goign off on you. SA is nice clean 3-4lb pull. Accurate, will outshoot most people, myself included. I have a big mitt, so I prefer the large grip. If you have small hands, you might not like it as much. Mine did have a problem with firing cheap ammo during the first 500 or so rounds. It would jam approximately 7 rounds in a mag, so it was good training for that sort of thing. I couldn't use any UMC hollowpoints, or WWB ammo. Everything else was fine. Gold dots have ran through the gun perfectly since day 1. Now mine is broken in a bit, it shoots fantastically, comparable to my sig, besides the whole polymer deal. Sights are good. Amazing deal for a pistol like it. The tactical is another story. That thing is nothing short of amazing. If you have the 900 or so dollars for it. I highly recommend.
  4. Hello gentlemen, I was trying to determine if the people on this board ground down the front sight to the gas tube, and mounted it in that location, or did they mount it just behind the sight. I know it's not adviseable to weld it near the gas plug threads, but I didn't know if people set it that far back. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. 2867 7682 8672 Thanks again sir.
  6. I'm not sure if the M4 and ACOG are any different between MW1 and MW2, but I'm finding that I like the regular red dot a little more than the ACOG on the M4, on MW1. Maybe it's just because I've been playing a lot of Mercenary Team Death Match lately, but I'm finding that I get killed more with the M4/ACOG combo, than I did with the M4/red dot combo. Reason being, is that I'll rush the other team's spot, where they'll be 3 or more of them. Then I'll pull up my M4, look through the ACOG and drop one of them. But because the ACOG doesn't allow any peripheral vision and has slight magnification, I'll get smoked from the side by one of their teammates. With the red dot, I can usually drop 1 guy, and pull my string of fire onto the next guy and drop him too. This is where playing style differ. I prefer the fire and move approach, hit a few guys, then move to my next hiding/overwatch spot. Hit a few more, rinse, repeat. I also will find a guy, then target him, fire, and release the aim to retarget. I hardly ever pull fire onto someone else (unless they are side by side). Plus, the killstreaks in MW1 aren't customizeable. In MW2, I go with the harrier, pavelow, and chopper gunner, so it takes me a bit to get to mine, but when I do, it usually wins the game. Also, I agree with being on a team that play like every game is team deathmatch. I'm sick of that shit.
  7. BigBump

    accuracy problem

    you also might want to try having your barrel recrowned.
  8. That's the problem. He was getting kills to post on youtube and not concentrating on actually WINNING. I hate people like that on any team of mine, video game, job, or life. Self serving pricks.
  9. Bump's MM2 (PS3) tips and tricks. - The M4 is the best all around weapon in the game. This thing with an ACOG on it is almost not fair. - camping works. This is why people will whine about it. Finding three camping spots and rotating after 2 kills or so is most effective. - Follow someone else when going into a known hot area. Let him die for your intel on enemy positions. Sad, but a reality in the game. - NEVER rush out and get a care package, even if you think you're far away from the action. That's the time someone spawns next to you, kills you and takes your chopper gunner. About 5 seconds gives you enough time to determine if it's "truly" clear to grab. - Scaveneger + noob tube/thumper/RPG/Javelin/claymore mine/flashbang = hilarity at it's finest. Having effectively unlimited noob tubes makes for entertaining play. - when you have scavenger, you can plant up to two claymores. Anymore than that and the oldest will blow up automatically, and it can kill you. - flahbangs are strictly better than stun grenades, because stun grenades just slow opponenets down, they can still shoot you. Flashbangs blind so you see people running into chairs as you move in for the kill - ALWAYS throw a flashbang into a room you're about to go into. Just do it. - Try and shoot using three round bursts regardless of the type of weapon you're firing, even in close range situations. Each round after 3 starts to cause all kinds of undesireable effects to your muzzle. - Try and level up cold blooded to pro as fast as you can. My method is to use CB with stingers and pop any UAVs that come up. Pro gets rid of the red name popping up when someone sweeps their crosshairs over you - very useful for camping. I'll have more if there are questions, but I play this game way too much for a grown man with a wife and job, so I should at least help out others.
  10. Stopping power boils down to two things - momentum and hydrostatic shock. Momentum is related to kinetic energy but its completely linear. That's why bigger bullets hit harder than little bullets. The half sized bullet has to move twice as fast for equivalent momentum, which will make it look like it has a ton more kinetic energy, but not actually "hit" as hard as the bigger, slower bullet. M=mv. Now, we have to get into collisions, most bullet collisions are inelastic, which means that unlike pool balls, which are the closest to pure elastic collisions, when a bullet strikes something, it does not just stop and impart all of its energy into another object, causing it to fly off, but it hits and sticks (preferrably inside) objects imparting it's momentive force in that object. Here's a simple example of the misnomer of KE being the measure of hitting power. lead baseball - mass 1kg speed 10 m/s. KE 1/2m * v^2 = 50 momentum mv = 10 lead softball - mass 2kg speed 5 m/s. KE 1/2m * v^2 = 25 momentum mv = 10 one has double the kinetic energy making it look like it's the superior choice but both of these objects have the same "hitting power" In the ballistics world, we have bullets that are double the mass of other bullets but rarely are they moving at half the speed or slower. Therefore, from a momentum, impulse and machanical standpoint, bigger bullets always hit harder. Now onto pressure waves After a round reaches twice the speed of sound, (over 2200 feet per second or so) it creates an air pressure wave in front of it commonly known as cavitation. As it strikes something, it rapidly slows through that 2200 fps barrier, the pressure wave destabilizes and creates a sonic boom inside of whatever it hits. This the hydrostatic shock and is why small, high speed bullets like the 223 and Five seveN can produce massive trauma when they strike. Now, there's another aspect being terminal velocity where it affects ranges and such, but to make that simple, if whatever your intended range has a ballistic terminal velocity over 2200 fps it will produce the hydrostatic shock, but the laws of momentum still apply. Therefore, according to momentum science, .45 wins over 9mm 7.62x39 wins over .223 for ranges under 300m .308 wins over all of the above
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