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  1. I care. I'm leaving my Y stamped x39 stock if for no other reason than I like the way it shoots and looks with the factory drag style stock on it. YMMV and all that...
  2. As for the 20 vs 12 arguments... meh glad you got the 20 while you could. You can get a 12 later after you see how great these guns are and want a second one. I got a 410 for my first Saiga, then a 12 soon after, followed by the 20, then the x39. .223, .308, and the 5.45 rifles. Got the Vepr 12 last and would recommend that over the S-12 now that we have the option. Still love my S-12s though for different reasons. Will always love my S-20 though and the 410 is also very under rated. As said above some of them (used to be the majority) had problems with the gas ports. Before going through a
  3. We currently don't do any Galil style (upturned) CH's but are considering adding those to the mix.
  4. I have edited the Services Ad to include some new info as well as try and remind folks that like any custom shop it is possible to get a little behind sometimes, so the projected two to four week wait time can be a bit longer when we are experiencing a backlog. The holidays did put us a little behind. We have families like everyone else and took time off to spend with them. A lot of orders also come in over the holidays. Currently we do have at least a dozen orders in the process of being worked on. Orders are of course finished and shipped back in the exact same order received. If you h
  5. I choose to have both because they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Apples to oranges really IMO. If I could have only one it would be the S-12 though. You're in NC you should plan to stop by my place sometime and test drive them both to help make up your own mind.
  6. Springs don't wear from just compression. It's repeated cycles that put any wear on them.
  7. It won't cycle without adding more gas ports and you won't have room for any barrel attachments (brakes / hiders / external chokes) at that length. Shortest you can go and still have room to remove the gas plug for cleaning, without first removing attachments is about 11". That said, 11" is doable with just adding ports and not having to shorten the whole gas system.
  8. I meant to post a pic of the right hand side of my Vepr to show the new style safety they have which I like very much. Here it is. Also speaking of ambi controls, here is how my Saiga .223 is setup with the AR mag adapter and the extended mag release I made for it (for when I'm using the the AK mags).
  9. Mine do. Like Arik said the stock charging handle is perfect for lefties but as a right handed shooter I like having an ambi setup with handles on both sides. The mag release being centered is fine but I have some that are extended on one or both sides that I like better for trigger finger activation. I'm fine with the standard AK safety selector as is but it's also nice the way the new Vepr 12 is setup ambi with thumb tabs.
  10. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/96566-management-shift-introducing-mshell-how-to-place-your-orders/?p=1014416
  11. Hey guys I want to introduce you all to our newest forum member (as of 2/20/15) and newest member of the team here at Cobra's Custom. Meet Michele, AKA Ms.Hell. Most of Michele's experience around weapons thus far has been with edged weapons and black powder, from swords to flintlock pistols & muskets to cannon. She was a member of Shadow Players, a N.C. Stage Combat group for a number of years and also also their webmaster / graphic artist. Her daughter Alexandria has been training with swords from a very young age and performs on stage with the group. Here she is in an early
  12. I know I would not waste my time, much less any money on the Catamount that thing is the biggest POS I've ever seen trying to replicate a weapon. I handled one at my local dealer and had to try just to be polite and hand it back.
  13. This subject has been hashed out over and over here for the past 8 years or more. Over that time still no MFG has stepped forward to make an all US made AK shotgun. NO I am not even going there with that abomination recently intro'd which I nickname "the thumb breaker" either. A new US outlet was announced just a week or two ago for actual Russian built (designed) weapons in the US. I'm keeping my hopes up for them. Century did build an AK. Ask them why they didn't tool up to make a shotgun too?
  14. In three words.... WOW...just wow. I couldn't bare to even finish watching the video I'm sorry...LOL
  15. Good morning, I saw your thread about the short cycling issues you are having. Please look over this thread and I will be glad to help you if you'd like your shotgun to cycle much better and on most any common loads. This is my specialty and I've helped people fix these problems for over 8 years running. Welcome to the forum and have a great day. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/90388-new-ak-saiga-vepr-reliability-service-no-extra-waiting/ Thanks, Shannon
  16. Sounds good Marvin just let me know. I'm actually in Fuquay so it might be pretty convenient for you.
  17. Hi Marvin, welcome fellow NC'er to the forum. You will also need to modify the gas ports in order for it to still cycle after cutting it back like that. If you are close to southern Wake Co. and want to come by sometime I would be happy to show you exactly what needs to be done. Basically the gas block has to be removed, checked to see if it's partially obstructing any existing ports, and a 4th port added. It will also help very much to have the bolt and carrier re-profiled & polished to get rid of all the excess friction slowing down the cycle. Send me a PM if I can help. Shanno
  18. So glad to hear this buddy you deserve it. Congrats! And FUCK Maryland!!
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