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  1. Prophet

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    I’m in as well should you release some. -P.
  2. Prophet

    Double Stack 12ga Magazine for Saiga-12

    I just picked up a Kel-Tec PMR-30 in February. It shoots rimmed .22 WMR. The double stack magazines have fed the rimmed cartridges flawlessly through a case of 1000 rounds. Slow or rapid fire, no hiccups. A closer look at this design, with 12-gauge shells in mind, may shed some beneficial tips on what could be applied to the S-12 app. -P.
  3. Prophet

    Sons of Guns Appearance

    Tony! Caught your big Hollywood (okay, Bayou Hollywood) debut. Damn, you were quieter than I expected. Good show. -Pete
  4. Prophet

    Nathan needs our Prayers!!!!

    Good luck and a speedy recovery. -P.
  5. Prophet

    Tromix S-17 & MD-20 in Small Arms Review Magazine

    I've seen it at Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, and maybe Borders? I've been subscribing steadily for over 10 years and keep the issues for reference purposes. Hey Jeff, not to hijack the thread, but do you offer the option for multiple issues on CD-ROM? Maybe allow monthly subscribers to get the media at the end of their 1, 2, or 3-year subscripions? Keeping the paper issues sure is bulky. -P.
  6. Just came home from overseas last night and stopped by the local US Post Office to pick up my mound of mail. First item on top was my just-delivered copy of SAR with the Tromix S-17 on the cover. They devoted the center spread to the S-17 and wrote a nicely flattering article...as if the cat wasn't out of the bag already. Congrats to Tony and the Tromix Crew. -P.
  7. Prophet

    Anyone know if you can vang comp a saiga 12?

    Old thread, but I just came across it and I have an answer to the original question... IIRC, back in 2005 or so, I asked Hans Vang about getting done to one of my Saiga-12s. The OE barrels are too thin walled to be done successfully and he wont do 'em. He has tried on his own. If these new barrels are of thicker construction and more consistent/higher quality, he may be able to do them. FWIW. -P.
  8. BUMP Is this thread dead for a drum/stick magazine-compatible magwell? -P.
  9. Prophet


    To my knowledge, the Saiga-12 has not been friendly towards the practice of having having a bunch of magazines and a bunch of different rifles, and being able to grab any mag and any weapon and have a reliable mating of the two. Mags often had to be fitted to individual weapons. Does the magwell make the Saiga-12 more flexible to this mix & match practice? -P.
  10. Just received my Sept. '08 Small Arms Review in the mail and they cover the 2008 International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories (whew!) held in Nurnberg, Germany, March 14-17, 2008. Page 28. The single pic (no narrative) looks like the latest iteration of the Saiga-12 SWAT model, with a 17" barrel, flash hider, Krink-style front sight/gas block and hinged top cover, mag well, ribbed 8-round mag, and TDI front furnature with M-1913-style rails. No indication that it will see stateside distribution, but it does show a willing attitude to generate international/Western Hemisphere military, law enforcement, and sporting sales or interest. FYI, FWIW. -P.
  11. Prophet

    I am worried about Mike.

    Yep, I just lodged a BBB complaint against the folks at Wraithfaker. Thanks for the lead, good looking out. -P.
  12. Prophet

    I am worried about Mike.

  13. Well if it make double taps with full power slugs a reasonably accurate and enjoyable experience, then it's a winner. If you can keep select-fire S-12 on a man-sized target at full chat, it's worth it's weight in gold. Just looking at some of the video clips, operating a full-auto S-12 requires some technique to be useable, and not intimidating. -P.
  14. There is one sitting in Tony's office right now awaiting installation on a new conversion. Feel free to install it on one of your select-fire SBRs. I'm curious to see if it becomes more controllable at full speed. -P.
  15. Prophet

    TROMIX Short Throw/Reset Trigger

    Would this trigger mod not be recommended for a defensive or law enforcement application? Also, am I understanding it correctly that the mod just removes the additional play/travel after the trigger drops the hammer, and the trigger moves to the rear of the trigger guard on the follow through? Thus, it allows for a faster reset and follow-up shot? -P.