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  1. I would assume so, if they're selling it as SBS-ready. Got any pics?
  2. Not exactly - RWC, the former importer of Kalashnikov Concern products (including firearms and accessories produced at Izhmash) plans to begin production of AK rifles, and possibly shotguns, in the US, using the Kalashnikov brand name. By executive edict, Izhmash/Kalashnikov Concern can't and won't have any interest in the venture.
  3. In-state transfer just takes a single tax stamp. Once the transferee receives the approved Form 4, it's registered to them - you'd better deliver it It's never been clear to me exactly how long you have to do so, as technically it's not longer registered to you.There's probably case law on the subject, if not actual regulations. I don't remember if you have to sign the outbound Form 4, too tired to dig one out right now. I don't believe you do, just the transferee.
  4. I'm a little confused. When you say pinned at 26" do you mean the muzzle device is permanently attached, and OAL of the barrel is just over 16"?
  5. that's a fine deal, and if I had the cash I'd snag them in a heartbeat.
  6. Just out of curiosity - why was the receiver demilled?
  7. Mine is a 182 series as well. One nice thing on the AC-556 is that the burst resets when the trigger is released, and you have the choice of burst and full auto. Not so on M-16/M4. There are those times when FA is more useful than burst. (like that Hind-D taking a bead on you) I've seen select-fire AR platforms with both a burst and a full-auto setting - they're just not standard or even common. The AC556 is interesting because the safety is separate from the selector, unlike the AR and AK, where the safety and selector are the same.
  8. The big question for manufacturers is "Do I make more?". If I'm in the cartridge manufacturing business and I'm making M855 for the military I'm a happy camper. Then the military sales dry up but I can still sell to the civilian market. Everybody has 2 or 3 ARs these days so life is still good. But now there is a threat of a ban on manufacture, sale, and transfer to citizens. If I knew there would be a grandfather for ammo made before the ban I'd crank up the line and make as much as possible. But what if there is no grandfather? What if they just say "no more sales"? There is n
  9. Newer ones are good rifles, but a poor value versus an AR. Mags, furniture, and pretty much every aftermarket part is more expensive and less likely to exist versus an AR. The rifles themselves cost more, most replacement parts can only be purchased from the manufacturer at high cost, and the older rifles suffer from a severe accuracy problem - if you only fire a few rounds in a minute, it isn't problematic. For some reason, once the rifle gets hot the accuracy goes to shit. I've fired a few older Mini-14s and an AC556 (select fire mini14), all of which suffered from the same problem. In burst
  10. It's stupid as hell. There is no logical point. It's an excuse to ban more shit. That's it. Just like the FDA pounces on any opportunity to classify and ban a new intoxicating substance as soon as it's invented, the ATF will always find new way to justify its existence by straining to invent new crimes.
  11. It would prevent licensed dealers from selling it. It wouldn't prevent you and me from trading it freely.
  12. It's probably a good idea to run a buffer if you're going to use a lot of hot ammo - and make sure you have it on the correct gas setting. Regular use of overly hot ammo, especially if the gun is overgassed, can cause the rear trunnion to crack, and can even cause receiver damage.
  13. Yeah, the stocks aren't really worth shit - they're a take-off part with no practical re-use I've seen yet. The forearms still hold some value. I can't remember who, but some online retailer was selling take-off Saiga stocks for $2 each a while back. Might've been Centerfire.
  14. Reading your post as well as several others on different forums and youtube, I'm starting to think it might be user error on my part. Like some little knit-picking thing I'm not doing right. It seems like I'm the only one having these issues. Everyone else is saying they haven't had a single hiccup with theirs; it's just strange. It's unlikely you're doing anything wrong. It's much more likely you got the rare lemon. It happens sometimes, no manufacturer is immune.
  15. Definitely strange. Bulk custom fastener are pretty damn cheap. I'm guessing one of two things - they bought commercial off the shelf bolts that were close enough, or there are variances in fit on different firearms, some requiring longer bolts. Since you say you aren't good at it, here's a super easy way to do it - place painters tape on the stock around where the screws protrude to prevent marking the stock. Color the protruding section of the screws with a paint pen. Remove the screws, and grind or cut off the color sections, using a bench grinder, a dremel tool, or even a whetstone. the t
  16. Just passed this along to a buddy who can afford to make a decent sized order. Good on ya for sharing.
  17. Thanks! I have a lot of that stuff already, but the cleaning rods and broken shell extractors - awesome!
  18. Was this a mpa or another brand It was an MPA. To be clear, I'm not talking trash on the brand or on this ad, they're actually more reliable and better-made than the older ones, IMO - they use a feed ramp and as a result will reliably feed a wider variety of ammo, too. It's just a fact of the design that bumpfiring is unsafe.
  19. I would just measure how far they extend, then carefully grind them down to size and clean up the threads.
  20. Very unusual, sorry to hear that happened to you. Every CZ I've had my hands on has eaten even shitty steel-cased ammo flawlessly. One more voice in the chorus saying - call CZ.
  21. Those are extremely unsafe to bumpfire - there is no mechanism for preventing an out-of-battery detonation, and the cycle is long enough that you can very easily pull the trigger while the bolt is still out of battery. I got a fair amount of brass shrapnel in my right hand doing exactly that with one of these pistols.
  22. Scratch that, did a little more poking around - I'm about 95% certain that's a Tavor variant, the X95 http://www.sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=1125
  23. Hard to say without better pics, maybe a Daewoo XK8? Could also be a FAMAS variant. There aren't too many bullpup rifles out there with a trigger guard that encloses all four fingers. It looks nothing like a Steyr AUG and I don't think it's a Tavor, and while I think the Chinese make something vaguely similar, I don't remember seeing anything about a model in 5.56 that accepts STANAG magazines. Whatever it is, it's almost certainly in 5.56, and accepts STANAG M16/M4 mags. Hope someone else knows more than I - would love to see it identified.
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