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  1. Hey all, I know its been a while since ive posted, but the saiga is just running so strong! At least, until now. I was showing it to a friend of mine and he noticed something.... Rounds that have sat in the chamber have a pretty decent indentation on the primer from the firing pin. If i just chamber it, then eject it the indentation is not so deep, but it is still there. RIght now I am a little worried as this seems to be a safety issue. is this normal? I can see the gun having light marks on the primers form chambering a round as the firing pin is free floating, but the deeper ones (sorry no pics, not at a place I can take and load them for the next couple weeks). do I need to worry about it going off when I chamber a round? or if I dropped the gun?
  2. If anyone wants to party up on the 360, my gamertag is Hephaestus3
  3. each individual animal can take any amount of killing. I shot a doe last weekend with a .303 brit. WHen i cleaned it, all the chest was jelly, and yet it ran about 80 yards. My brother shot a squirrel through the chest once with a broadhead and it ran all the way up the tree with the arrow sticking through it. I had enough time to walk back to the house and grab a .22 and walk back to shoot it and kill it. It had not died in 10 minutes. Moral of the story is, you never know how much moxie an animal, or person for that matter, will have. Pigs in florida are pretty much shoot on sight and no one cares how its done. No one wants stuff to suffer, but it happens- you are killing it. A lot of people just dump their bodies b/c there are so many of them and they are such a pest. Also, if you always used to best tool for the job, there would be no bowhunting. Hunting with a pistol is a different challenge to a hunter. Not passing any judgement, but around here the guy would have been slapped on the back and maybe ribbed about using that many shots while everyone was laughing. Animals dont always die quickly. Its contract was signed, it was just a matter of time after the first one or two.
  4. So i just bought the AK-404BUS US made upper and handgaurds for stamped reciever from K-Var and upon inspection it looks as though it wont go on my saiga and I ordered the wrong one. Or I didnt order something else it needs. Or whatever. Maybe IM missing something. Can anyone tell me how the heck these things are supposed to go on?
  5. Hi, i cant get to a camera right now, but I have some 180grn remington .303 british. I just noticed that one of the cartridges has a small dent in it, just before it necks. It is about 1/8in. Is this safe to shoot?
  6. I like mine. Its carries concealed well, a little snappy to shoot. Never had a failure with mine, knock on wood. Im just having a hard time finding magazines for mine. The dealer I bought mine from said he could order some from the company, about $35 or so. There are no extended mags right now. but I would definitely recommend it.
  7. That looks great, but it doesnt list a holster for the crossbreed deluxe on their site for a s&w 686
  8. Hye, i just started carrying, right now im carrying a taurus slim .40 iwb. its realy easy, hides realy well. I have a 686 with a 4" bbl. Any suggestions for carrying without a coat? holsters?
  9. THank you, but that doesnt look like the mags i do have. well, it was worth a shot. thanks for looking.
  10. Ive googled for a week and have yet to find a regular magazine for sale on the web for the taurus slim .40.... much less the extended one. Does any one have any leads or ideas about this? maybe knows where to find an extra mag or two?
  11. Well, i need another US part. I got a folding stock and to put it on, i need another part...
  12. So, Im looking to replace the stock handgaurd on my 7.62 and would like opinions. went through google and got some, but i wanted to see what the forum had to say. I know tapco=crapco generaly, but any experience with the galil or fusion handguards? Any other suggestions? Just want something durable and cheap(er)
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