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  1. I carefully cut the factory one off, turned it 180* and welded in the new spot. Works great.
  2. Fredness

    FBMG Mags

    Got mine from the original order MANY months ago, but the Saiga has been in peices ever since. Got to the range today and all 3 functioned flawessly, Thanks!
  3. http://roguesecurity.com/AK.html (original) Here is the latest updates on the "PSaiganov" (Saiga Based, PSL lookin', Dragunov wannabe) - now in "Stage 4". Thanks to Dinzag, I have an RPK lower handgrip (Plum - Russian) that fits perfectly, no slop or movement. It is so much more comfortable than the stock grip and there is some meat to hang on to! I've also got the Dinzag FSB mod, Dinzag TAT 5/8-24 thread on the barrel, Dinzag 11* Crown, Dinzag Crush Washer (soon to be a Muzzle Nut) and a Tromix Shark Muzzle brake in 5/8-24 30 caliber. I've been waiting for the crowning, muzzle brake and fore grip to be finished before I did another range report. Now that it is all put together, I got access to our local 300 yard outdoor range. Sighters at 25 yards (1" low and left of center first shot), then I shot at 100 yards (no pictures available - it is a closed range with only range personnel allowed to go forward of the firing line). The Groups spread to just over 3" at 100 yards from a rest and open sights. A scope is next and it will help a lot. Ammo is M1A2 7,62x51mm 147gr ball from 140 Round South African "Battle Packs". Just so you know, the entire rifle was built on the kitchen counter - nothing but battery powered or hand tools. Pix: Friend with the PSaiganov PSaiganov in case with muzzle cover (PVC) to keep the "Shark" from eating it's way out of the case. 25 yard target (4x digital zoom), two mags of 20 with one sight correction (1" right).
  4. Welded it up (muffler shop, $5) and ground it down. Almost zero trigger travel. I also modded the face of the safety to allow it to be removed/installed without moving/removing other parts. I knotched the safety to flip completely on while the bolt is locked to the rear. The bolt can not be sent forward without the safety being moved to fire. http://www.roguesecurity.com/AK.html
  5. Not bad considering the front handguard was held in place with rubber bands!
  6. Yep, gotta love them. Since converting to the Choate stock, I love it even more. The RSA trigger group is by far the best. Got it set for a 2-stage trigger and 4lbs pull. Works well!
  7. Just to catch everyone up on the .308-1 Saiga conversions: Gas tube: Bulgarian AK-74, must file lower part of mounting area to fit. Works great! Upper Forearm: Choate (or other US part), fits on Bulgarian AK-74 gas tube perfectly. Lower Forearm: RPK production piece, available in wood or synth (Plum only I'm affraid). Lower Forearm Retainer: RPK production piece, $35 from K-VAR, must file barrel to allow lock to work. Front Sight Base: RPK production piece. Muzzle Brake: Still searching....
  8. Love it! Just let me know when!
  9. Sweet, huh? US parts count is correct, adding Choate front grips to the mix. Galil mag conversion and Muzzle Brake is next...
  10. ...agreed! Barrel length difference will be seen at 300+yards or on a chronograph, that's about it.
  11. http://rogueperformance.com/AK.html
  12. Had my .308 for just about two weeks, took it out shooting twice and gutted the whole weapon to add a Choate Dragunov stock, move the trigger and put in my US parts. Can't wait for this board to start kickin' and share some info/ideas!
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