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  1. -dW

    5.45x39 Handguard / forearms with no modifications

    how much ya got to throw around? what about a midwest industries or UTG quad rail? on the cheap, you could mod your saiga handguard and paint it
  2. -dW

    Threads under shroud?

    that is a 7.62 though isn't it? that mag looks kinda curvy..
  3. -dW

    Looking for an AK or similar in CNY

    I live in central NY too and yeah, you should definitely check out Tims Guns in Elbridge and also the Herb Phillipson stores in the area.. They normally have saigas in stock.. Tim's in Elbridge can also be a receiving FFL if you find something you wanna mail order
  4. -dW

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    we're gonna need a bigger boat..
  5. -dW

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    OK, I'm gonna guess you've done this before.. your work is legit.. both of your rifles look like they could have been smuggled out of the former Soviet Union by a KGB defector looking to sell some top secret Spetsnaz hardware.. sooooo... you got anything else cool?
  6. -dW

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    about 150 yards off the ladies tee
  7. -dW

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    would you like to bang my sister?
  8. -dW

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    I'm hooked and I can't stop starin'! I am in the midst of a mosin project using one of those barrels and I would really be interested in seeing what you're up with the mosin project you mentioned (somewhere I read?). They must have sold a bunch of those barrels by now, but I am only aware of a handful of fully realized guns that is very inspiring... I hope you are prepared for all the leg humpers you're going to meet when you take this out in public :lol:
  9. -dW

    Heavy Bull Barrel PSL project

    That is OUTSTANDING Kman! congratulations on bringing that beast into the world! What did you have to do to the barrel? I can guess that you had to drill the gas port, but what did you have to do at the trunion end? The gas block is fascinating too.. wanna sell ? again, OUTSTANDING
  10. If I didn't already have my saiga, I'd be real tempted by one of those Polish Tantal's at CenterfireSystems for $399..
  11. -dW

    I need a scope mount.

    If you either enjoy also shooting with the irons or want to have them available for plan B, the Krebs Customs beryl style rail is good to go.. The rear sight on the krebs is a major advancement over the blade sight your rifle came with and it gives you a stable, durable platform on which to mount standard optics. it's not cheap, but it will last you a lifetime.
  12. -dW

    Is it time to give up?

    I'm just trying to save you from yourself man.. and oh yeah, be sure to check out the Wolf HP's.. stock up..
  13. -dW

    Is it time to give up?

    thing is, after maybe what, 3 cans of 5.45, you've saved enough money by not buying 5.56 that your S12 is pretty much paid for..
  14. -dW

    Back to irons.

    is that why you don't have it anymore?
  15. I found with mine that placement of the bullet guide was crucial. If you seat it in all the way under the barrel, it doesn't extend far enough to bridge the gap from the magazine to the breach. If you go too far from the breach with it though I imagine you could interfere with how it feeds or how the mag might seat. pictures will tell the tale..