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  1. Thanks a lot frogfoot. Very helpful.
  2. I remember a while back there was a guy selling some homemade metal mags...I believe his user name was ccspecs. Does anyone know if he is still selling them? I bought a couple and love them! Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Matt
  3. No doubt. Even if I had the money I still wouldn't have a place to shoot it. The truck bed mount for it does kinda still make me want it.
  4. Wow, I had to take a double look. Could hardly tell it was a Mosin. VERY nice.
  5. I saw this about a year ago and was just thinking about it. Has anyone else seen this thing before? http://www.anzioironworks.com/MAG-FED-20MM-RIFLE.htm A 20 mm rifle, yea probably overkill but still dang cool. Just something cool I thought I'd share here. -Broke
  6. Yea, I ran into the same problem when I converted mine. I think I took the rough measurements from cross-con and then just lined up the trigger guard and the pistol grip where I wanted it. I think I marked where I wanted to place a screw for the trigger guard and then went from there...traced around the nut and then "shaved" out the hole with a dremel tool (slowly). Part of the hole did go where the old trigger hole was. Only put a screw in the rear of the trigger guard and placed the front of it under the mag release much like acer did. Hear is the link to the page I had when I was havin
  7. Just got my new METAL MAGS today! I got to say, +1 for ccspecs! Super fast shipping and the mags are AWESOME! Sturdy construction, fits nice and tight in my Saiga and hand feeds flawlessly. The true test will be whenever I can make it to the range but my first impressions of these mags are good. Nice packaging and I can tell ccspecs put a lot of work into these. These might be my new favorite mags for my .308....time will tell.
  8. A x54 would be nice. Never even crossed my mind. I was at the Orlando Shot show in Orlando this weekend and RAAC was there. If I had of thought of it, I would have asked.
  9. Hi, I converted my S308 a little over a month ago and just received my K-var NATO length stock in the mail. After trying to push it in and then hammer it in lightly, I can't for anything get it to fit in there. My only thought is that the pg nut might be in the way? Has anyone had trouble with this before? And on a side note, I didn't realize I'd have to drill out two holes to fit the screws in it. Figured I'd just get the stock on there and then mark where the holes should go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Well, here I am: some old photos I have on my computer. Doing some shooting, no picks of me with my Saiga yet but will post when I snap some. And messin around at couple of my favorite fishin spots.
  11. Nice card...can't lie I kept bracing myself for a scary figure to suddenly appear and scream. Not that kinda card tho. Very nice.
  12. I'm not good at designing things or marketing things but this is what I came up with... And...
  13. Wow, all you have to do is send them money and then they will send you even more money back? Sounds perfectly legit...what's the hold up?
  14. Yep, it could be some crappy ammo and you've just been having a bunch of hang fires(weird). Have you taken the gun apart and made sure everything is in place. A better question, when you pulled the trigger and the gun FTF, did you feel the hammer slam down onto the firing pin or were you pulling the trigger and nothing happening? Well, good luck. I'm sure you'll get it figured out.
  15. Yep, "In God we trust" Everyone else has to earn my trust. And Bo-rock has a long way to go before I'll start trusting him...half past never
  16. Super fast shipping, item was just as described. Thanks!
  17. From what I understand, yea you would still have to pay the $200 and send in the forms and everything. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But if I am correct, a SBR receiver is a crappy deal cuz you can just get a normal receiver and build a SBR and then pay the $200. Again, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  18. Thanks for the info...I'll give it a try.
  19. I've recently converted my S308 and when I got done putting it all together I looked down and was like: "Craaaap, I forgot to put the BHO back in." Well I took my gun back apart however am having quite a time trying to get the BHO spring back in. Is there an easy way to do this? Is it normal for the spring to put up this much of a fight or am I putting it in wrong? Thanks. -Broke
  20. Yep work tomorrow. Gonna be crazy busy too. Normally stay locked in the house on Black Friday.
  21. That's not good. I'm gonna take the gun apart tomorrow to put in the BHO and I'll make sure that everything is working properly. Thanks for the heads up...that could have made the test fire pretty dang interesting.
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