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  1. Mike, Put me down for +2 of them. Thanks
  2. Hi Mike! Thanks for the chance to win a drum. I'll pick 3919 if taken please add a number +1 until one if free. Thanks again!
  3. I didnt even know there was any metal there. I took out my First Gen drum and noticed that there is suppose to be like 1/16 maybe 1/8 inch of plastic coating over it. Maybe the metal was meant to beef it up, but the plastic coating didnt stick on it like it should have. I would definately email mike about this and see what the heck is going on. Maybe it was designed to wear off over time and still function, I have no idea. If it locks in place and still functions flawlessly, I wouldnt worry about it too much, but ask Mike if that was he original intention. It sure looks like crap though.........hope all of them dont wear off like that.
  4. It puzzles me that people like you bitch and moan before you know the facts or bother to do any research whatsoever before you speak "honestly". For starters, you are wrong about 3 things at least....... First the drums are all built, you are wrong about that. Second, He is ONE person doing all these orders. There are several thousand at least, why would you start putting together orders from someone ordering 2 days ago, when someone placed an order before you?????????? If you have not bothered to read email or read these forums first you would know that putting together that many orders takes time. That makes no sense and would be TERRIBLE business practice to cater to the crybaby complainers that came in after the fact of the people that ordered to make this a company. The 20 round MD-20 drum is what funded and made this a company, not the GAS PLUG. He only started selling the gas plugs because of the drums!!!!!!!!!!!! If it wasnt for the people that preordered the drums we wouldnt be having this conversation about the plugs because there would be none offered, becuase MD-ARMS would not be in business. This brings me to the Third thing you are wrong about. If you had bothered to read his website in BIG RED LETTERS before you ordered your plug by reading simple english you would see he says there is a 4 week wait at least!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is so hard to understand?????? How can he be more clear than that??????????? He has been doing an incredible job of doing updates.............all you have to do is learn how to read. Listed below is the ACTUAL words off of his website go look for yourself since you obvisouly didnt see it the first time and came here to bitch instead of spending 10 seconds reading something that HE HAS ALLREADY ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE YOU ORDER!!!! This item is in stock. BUT! There is around a 4 week wait minimum, before we catch up to new orders placed! Our Price: $35.00 366 Available!
  5. Before any other members get in here and start cussing and swearing at you, I want to say that I've been looking for it, too. I have a reasonably low order number (2915, I think?). I am teaching a firearms safety class for our state DNR in the first week of March. I would dearly love to have that drum to show to the students. I think the only reasonable answer is that, "Patience is a virtue!" We should all be very virtuous for the next week or so. I can see Mike trying to decide whether to ship drums and plugs (hence, making money), or work on his 20ga drum (making money in the future) or eat, sleep, and (hopefully) molest his girlfriend, at least a little. Making changes in his website are probably in that list of priorities, somewhere, but he just hasn't caught up. It will show up on the site, I'm sure, but we'll all just have to wait a bit longer. If you do find the latest shipment number on the site, please put another entry in this thread, cause I'd like to know how it's going, too! Go to Website............click products...........click drum.............HUGE RED LETTERS AT TOP OF PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What is your order number? ev-6367 Thanks I didn't see this while I was writing my last post. This is the order number I thought was yours. I have to ask. Why would you say you have called and emailed if you didn't. Why would you say a few days when it has been 50 hrs? Aliright, I'm done busting your balls! I'll email you instrutions on how to get your card changed. Thanks WOW...telling me I did not call or e-mail...your phone answering machine tells when the next drums will be shipped etc...I even called today!!!!! dont tell me I did not call or e-mail...why the hell would I make it up??? I want the product and need to give you another CC # GEEEEZZZZZ Just forget it!!! OH...a few days = a couple of days!!! Also left e-mails...check again... Jahwarrior=5 days, Kusanku=50 hours or 2.1 days, Gunsforfun=dumbass, Are you idiots done wasting enough of Mike's time yet. You have cost him at least an entire day because of your immature, impatient, and stupid ass questions about topics that have been covered by at least 5-10 different threads on this forum alone. Even after Mike has responded to your pety questions, you still want more attention. Grow up and and drop a set of nuts and stop bitching all ready. You are lucky Mike D is a nice guy because I would have all ready slapped you across the room. Like I said in my last post its dumbshits like you 3 that spam his email and make his phone ring off the hook because you are too damn lazy to read the website or take 30 seconds to read another thread where your questions have all ready been answered. Mike is working his ass off and KUSANKU if you dont like the personal 1-on-1 attention you are craving to keep your vagina wet then go somewhere else, otherwise get in line with the rest of us and STFU!!!
  7. Patient person my ASS!!!!! 5 days and you are wanting complete refund and have the nerve to complain on his forum?????? Its people like you that slow him down by spamming email and making his phone ring off the hook for a $35 part and its only been 5 days!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! I have been waiting since October for my 2nd run order and have never complained once. If you would bother to do any research you would know that Mike is a one man show and there are THOUSANDS of people ahead of your little gas plug order. Why do you think you are so special and are more important than the rest of us?????? I am sure he will refund your money since PENDING means your card has not even been charged yet .........SO there is NO REFUND TO GET ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you truly are a patient person just wait and he will get back to you..........he always does.
  8. I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to MIKE and EVERYONE in this forum. We all have something in common and sometimes we lose track of that. Do not get down about the future of this country, we are all in it together, for better or worse. Having said that: I am sure hoping to find a MD-20 box (2nd run) under my tree in time for Christmas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!
  9. Why dont you email him and ask him yourself???? No one here can answer that question. His email in back on his website that is listed above. He will get back to you when he has time.
  10. I just talked to AL GORE and we want a RECOUNT!!!!!!!! Thanks again for the chance to win and congrats to the lucky ones.
  11. Hey MIke, I was wondering if the 2nd run production was still on schedule for 1-2-09 and how the changes to the drum bodies was going. Also do the drums on GB have the new bodies and are you going to send the upgraded parts to whoever buys them or are they the ones we will need to send back to you? Thanks
  12. Mike - Thanx again for putting these up as you did. All the individual listings at virtually the same time does kinda give an opportunity for more of a cross section of folks to get one. I also cannot believe the bids. Are people that spooked by the politicians or just so impulsive they dont care? The first couple listings are already over $300. That doesnt make sense to me since the regular selling price of your "distrinbutors?" looks like it will be clearly less than $300. I was in your second run of sales and already recieved mine from you so it seems that production is running pretty good for you and regular distribution is not to far off??? Continued success & happy holidays HarvKY Are you sure you got your 2nd run sales?? I have not heard they were even made yet. I think they are still a month out before they even start to ship. If you all ready got yours that is good news, means I'll get mine soon too then.
  13. True........I saw one guy on here bid on 20 DRUMS by himself........... What the ironic thing is, you can still get some available on his website for $230 and these will all sell for higher than that. Thanks to MIKE for NOT changing his price on the 2nd run when he could easily be selling them for $300+ THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a true gentleman and that is no shit. Most of these A-holes would and HAVE all ready raised there prices 2x and 3x over.
  14. Go for it!!! Sounds great to me. Maybe a 60 round .410 drum next!!!! (haha)
  15. Woah sweet!! I would love one of these drums. I am in the 2nd Run so this would be awesome. Thanks for the chance Mike!!!! 3962
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