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  1. ewoketeer I took your advice, but I had to reduce my AGP 10 round mag to 8 rounds in order to load with a closed bolt. Loads fine with 10 rounds if the bolt is open. Jack
  2. GOB Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately, I cannot get the mag to lock in when the bolt is closed, so that a shell will not be chambered. After trying for a while, I looked at the top shell and that is when I saw it was deformed. I tried again with a new shell on the top and the bolt closed, and again it would not lock in. The new top shell was also again deformed. The mag locks in just fine when the bolt is retracted and a shell is chambered, but I want to lock in the mag and NOT chamber a shell. Jack
  3. I want to travel with my Saiga with a mag inserted but no round in the chamber. I lock the bolt back and insert the mag. How do I now let the bolt go forward but not chamber a round? I had tried simply pushing the round down as I let the bolt go forward, but for me, that doesn’t seem to work. If I try to load the mag with a closed bolt, the top shell deforms somewhat on the crimped end. I am using a 10 round AGP mag with 10 rounds loaded. How can I do this? Thanks for your help. Jack
  4. Thanks for your help!! Much appreciated.
  5. Where can I find printed instructions about how to disassemble and assemble my Saiga 12.
  6. starman

    Best Mags

    In your opinion, what is the best mag for a Siaga12. Metal or Polymer? Who makes the best?
  7. I purchased a really nice wood furniture set for my Saiga 12 from rusmilitary.com. The furniture only required very minor fitting. Took about 1 1/2 hours to install. The set was about $200.00.
  8. No problem with rusmilitary. We communicated by email. They told me the amount in US and I sent them a credit card number (one I use just for ordering on line). About 2 weeks later the package arrived in the mail. It was easy to install with only a little wood remove here and there. On the declaration sheet for the furniture they listed it was for an air soft rifle! I would have no problem ordering from them again.
  9. I finally decided to take the plunge and convert my Saiga 12. I used a Tromix FCG (that installed just as easy as people say they do) and a RAM S-12 Trigger Guard. Both from Carolina Shooters Supply who were very helpful when I called. I also added Russian wood furniture I purchased from rusmilitary.com and a Russian sling purchased from a forum member. I also have inserted a 10 round AGP Arms mag. After everything was complete, I decided the stock was two short to suit me (3" shorter that the original Saiga stock), so I ordered a recoil pad, again from Carolina Shooter Supply, to a
  10. As I begin to reassemble my Saiga 12, after converting, what areas, if any, should I grease on the bolt and bolt carrier?
  11. Thanks Rangeguy I have a bench grinder. I can't do it today, but I will tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it goes!
  12. I gave it a try and the bolt holder did snap into place. Now when I try to push the bolt holder forward, the rear part of the bolt holder does not want yo go pass the hammer. The hammer is in the cocked position. What now?
  13. I converted my Saiga 12 today. I used a Tromix FCG and followed the installation instructions on the Carolina Shooter Supply site. Everything seemed to go fine. After conversion, I began to reassemble my Saiga. After placing the bolt into the bolt holder (op rod) the bolt holder does not want to snap down to slide on the rails and go over the new trigger. I have checked the placement of the bolt in the bolt holder and I am sure it is correct. What and I doing wrong? Need advice!! Thanks
  14. Thanks for your reply. I had rather ask and dumb question than tear something up because I didn't know who it worked!
  15. I have pretty much disassembled my Saiga 12 to the point where I want to remove the hand guard. Before I tear something up beyond all recognition, I through I had better ask for help. How do I remove the hand guard? Thanks for your help.
  16. I am ready to move my Saiga 12 trigger forward and install a Tromix FCG. In your opinion, what is the best tutorial to follow to make this event as painless as possible? Thanks!
  17. I followed the tutorial and didn't destroy the guard that was on the SG. and I am not that great at modifying or fabricating things, so I seriously doubt you will have any problems What tutorial did you follow?
  18. Just covering all bases before I start the conversion. If I destroy the trigger guard (hope I don't) I want to know where to go.
  19. Does anybody know what trigger guard will work with this wood furniture set? http://www.rusmilitary.com/images/saiga12_oak.jpg
  20. Thanks! I was afraid that because the buttstock, front hand guard, and pistol grip I will be using are NOT USA made parts, then I could not use them toward counted parts to become 922r compliant.
  21. So when I replace the buttstock and front handguard, and add a pistol grip, all three parts being imported, that means I simply cannot count those three parts toward 922r compliance. Is that all?
  22. Thanks for your replies! Even using imported furniture, I will be changing enough parts to US parts that I will be legal.
  23. When converting my Saiga 12, if I use imported wood furniture, how does that affect 922r compliance?
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