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  1. i like that... how did the s12 go over? were there others? Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a good time. No, I had the only Saiga-12 in the class, and of course everyone sort of came over and oggled it. For awhile it was a curiosity, until it came time to fire off 5 rounds as rapidly as we could. Actually, the instructor stopped the class before it was my turn and announced something like, "ok everyone, now, this is where the semi-autos are kind of different from the pump action. This will be a bit faster..." So I fired off five as fast as I could... ...and, predictably, the gun rose and I went a little off balance. But if it weren't for the hearing protection, you would have heard 10 jaws hit the floor, including my own. Someone asked after class if I had a full auto because he couldn't believe that five rounds could come out of a shotgun that fast I fully admit, however, I got pretty pissed off at the end of the class. I'm really not one to take things personally, but one guy came up to me and said, "yeah, it looks fun, but frankly I wouldn't trust my life with it. I've got an AR-15 that I use for home defense. Those magazines of yours are just too much trouble." WOULDN'T TRUST HIS LIFE WITH A SEMI-AUTO WITH 10 ROUNDS IN THE MAGAZINE!!! It made me feel like I represented the gun poorly because I was a newbie. However, I think though what happened here is I walked into the great AK vs. AR buzzsaw of controversy. I mean, it's true I had problems rocking the mags into the gun. Also, for some reason, the high cap 10rd AGP mag seemed to malfunction at one point so that the shells were slooooowly advancing up the magazine. However, this didn't always happen, so I'm not sure what the hell happened there. I didn't overload it, so I dunno. I suspect it was operator error. I'd like to hear though if others have had this happen to them. I seem to remember hearing about it somewhere. Anyway, I WOULD trust my life with it. I had one FTE and one FTF (on account of the slow moving mag), but all I had to do was rack it and go.
  2. Actually, will this hold up under continuous fire? It mounts straight to the barrel, which I would think would get hot. Anyone have any experience with a mount that clamps straing onto the barrel?
  3. You know, both this solution and the duct tape could work, but it occurs to me that there may be moments where you want to turn it off easily to avoid giving away your position. I wonder if tac flashlights are ever mounted with an on/off mechanism near the trigger?
  4. I'd like to get this little Surefire E2D LED Defender to go to and from work with, and either mount it or another to my Saiga 12 for home defense. Can anyone suggest a cheap and effective way to do so?
  5. I'll 2nd this bump. In my range report I mentioned how valuable I thought a magwell would be. A gentle tap from an enthusiastic and adoring public :-)
  6. Range Report: A 40yr old wuss and his Saiga train at the Public Safety Range Ok, to start, let me give you a quick bio: I'm 40 and very soft. For the past few months I've been in this forum asking what probably seem like very noob questions, but mostly just lurking. The rigors of my job are the same as most software engineers (as I am): my job keeps me in front of a keyboard all day. Occasionally I dust off some piece of fine literature that I read when I was an English Lit major at a very nice private University that I graduated from over a decade ago. No, I don't take bubble baths and burn scented candles while listening to Kenny G, but if you punch me in the arm, tears are going to well up in my eyes before I run away. I'm just that big of a wuss I'm not a gun nut going waaaaay back as many of my Saiga brethren seem to be. I'm actually pretty new to firearms, and I own a grand total of 3: A Ruger 10/22 that I bought 2 yrs ago, a Saiga-12 and Kel-Tek P3AT, both of which I bought in the past few months. I have very little shooting experience and would rate myself a novice/beginner. I mention all of this because I know there's been a lot of people rushing in to buy BBG's these days, and many of them not traditional gun owners. Although I bought my boom stick before the stampede, I am probably not a traditional Saiga owner. If you are a non-traditional gun owner or Evil Black Gun owner, this review is for you in particular. My Saiga was converted by my gunsmith Jessee down in Albany, OR, who does a great job for crazy good prices. That's a deserved plug for Jesse who does it right or, when things go astray, makes it right. He put on an Ace folder, moved the trigger group forward, and installed a plain AK plastic grip. We've got several ranges in the Portland, OR area. The one I've attached myself to the most is the Clackamas Public Safety Center. In my view, this is an amazing resource: 22,300 sq foot facility that is owned by the county and serves both the public and law enforcement. This very partial bio of my instructor, Stu Nakamura, gives you an idea of the excellent quality of trainer we had. Look at the last paragraph on the page for the most complete bio. So I decided to sign up for the Defensive Shotgun Basics class. I should train if I can, yes? Good gun citizenship, can't get enough training, etc. So, yesterday I took the class, and I'd like to offer a range report from the point of view of someone you really would never mistake for a gung-ho gun totin' Super-Bubba. My health isn't especially good either since I suffer from a stomach complaint, am badly out of shape, and overweight. The class I took was 8 hours long, and actually ran overtime. From 8-noon was class time, and from 1pm or so to about 6:30 was shooting on the indoor range while practicing gun safety habits. I ran probably 20+ shotgun shells that were either slugs, 00 or #4, and about 50+ bird shot shells. The class was oriented to pump action shotguns which made a lot of the class different for me, and kind of difficult to adjust to. Everyone had a Mossberg 50x or Remmington 870, so when most in the class were reloading, I was either shooting or waiting to shoot. But I muddled through kind of making up what I needed to do as we went. This is the first shotgun I've ever fired. So how did it go? Here's the shocker for me: although I'm sore today, I'm mostly sore from the rigors of keeping the shotgun up at a ready position and NOT so much from shooting the shotgun. The recoil was mitigated by 2 factors. First, I put an Ace folding stock with a 1" pad on it when I converted. Second, I kept the toe of the stock as close to my breastbone as I could while holding a cheek weld. I'm only slightly sore from the recoil, and as far as I can tell, it's only because when going from a ready position to a firing position, I'd place the heel of the stock a little closer to the shoulder. But I'm not bruised and there are no tears in my eyes ;-) This gun shoots very well and I was able to keep a pattern with 00 or slugs at the extreme end of the range (and I don't even know how far that was). In fact, this big ol' black gun is a lot lot lot more fun to shoot than my little Kel-Tek P3AT. The latter hurts my hand. The Saiga blows things up and doesn't hurt at all when held properly and a 1" pad on the stock. The day ended with us going through a very nice simulator that allowed us to use a sim-shotgun w/laser against a computer-driven, larger projection screen meant to simulate home invasion situations. Final verdict: if a big wuss like me can shoot this gun and have this much fun, anyone can. I advise the shotgun novice to seek training on how to properly handle the gun, wear hearing and eye protection, and practice. And make absolutely certain to have fun while you do. I can't wait to go back out again. I highly recommend the Public Training Center and the Saiga 12, even for a big wuss like me. Oh, yeah. On the simulator, I was killed once for not taking the damned safety off the gun (wouldn't have happened with my Saiga. Safety is off when you charge the handle. In another two simulations, one BG tossed his weapon, and another suffered the consequences of going for his. Here are 2 things I feel would improve the Saiga for self defense: 1. LRBHO for finger reloads when necessary. When Cobra?!?! WHEN??? (Just kidding. Take your time and do it right.) 2. A magwell and mag release near the trigger. It's a pain in the ass to rock those magazines back and forth to get them in and would be a real bitch in the dark. With a BG down the hallway, every moment there are no shells in the gun, I've lost my Boom Stick blast-o-matic and have instead a rusty boat anchor while the clock is tick-tick-ticking fast and loud. So that's all. Thanks everyone. Molten Tuna
  7. I've asked this question recently and the only thing I've heard back consistently is that the Winchester "Universal" loads from Wal-Mart will give problems. Other's have cited reduced recoil rounds, while other say they have no problem with them. Just stay clear of the one from Wal-Mart and apparently you'll be fine. I'll find out for myself as soon as my gun comes back from my gunsmith.
  8. I thought I read somewhere that the Saiga 12 IZ-109 is parkerized prior to painting out-of-the-box. Is this true?
  9. I'd wait for "Thee Grayte Gunne Panicke of '08" to subside. It seems unlikely to me that a renewal of the AWB will be an early order of business for the new congress. There's just a hell of a lot of things for an incoming administration to deal with. You may in fact find that some who rushed to buy a gun are looking to hock one to recover funds. But it's a crap shoot. The AWB has been put up for renewal every year since it expired, and it's never seen the light of day. Even if the new congress passes it and the incoming administration signs it, it may not happen this year or even the next, and it will be challenged under Heller if it does. Whether it prevails under Heller is open to debate.
  10. I mean, do I just hit it with Hoppes with the cleaning brush included with the Saiga, or do I need to use a degreasing agent?
  11. Hi all, I noticed that out of the box the Saiga had some kind of petroleum smear inside the barrel. Whats the recommended cleaning procedure for cleaning the Saiga 12 the first time out of the box?
  12. Are you painting the whole gun, or just a few parts? If you are painting the whole gun, I would at least field strip it (fully stripping it would be better), lightly scuff-sand (or you can media blast) the areas to be painted and fully clean and degrease them (something like denatured alcohol works pretty well), mask off the areas you don't want to paint, and paint. If you will be painting with a spray can, I recommend using a pistol grip adapter with a trigger for better control. I would avoid painting most internal parts. I hope this helps you. Others here know a lot more about this topic than I do. I'd be painting the whole gun. Is there an online manual on how to field strip a Saiga?
  13. Looks exactly like the answer I was looking for. Thanks!
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