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  1. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** For Sale: (Please PM to claim) Pre-Kengs preban Polytech AKM-47S, 7.62x39mm underfolder, new in the box, with bayonet, scabbard, oil bottle, cleaning kit, gas port scraper, (2) 5 round polytech mags and (3) 30 round polytech mags. Original box, (box is not in excellent condition, but rifle is). The mags do not have chrome followers, those came after when Kengs had the contract. The rifle is oily in the pics, pardon the glare and or oily look. Imported by SILE, NY, prior to KFS (Kengs) having the polytech contract. I won't say this rifle is "super" rare, but it is rare, being before Kengs and being all original and unfired. Everything about the rifle is nice, it does have the usual dings in the lower handguard from the underfolder. It has been manhandled some, but not fired. $1150.00 shipped and insured to your FFL from mine. Pics:
  2. Russian?. No guarantees on the "opposite side" triangle proof, it's not too easy to make it out... also, average value? Looking to sell it once I find out exactly what it is. It does have the 4 little spot weld looking things on the top of each feed towe part... Value of this mag? Pic:
  3. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS to ruf*** As described, New in wrap Chinese triangle 36 75 round drum, new in original wrap, with unknown manufacture khaki-ish - greenish shoulder strap pouch, and (4) 30 round Chinese flatback mags, new in Travis Aasen mag-bags wrap (mags are brand new, still greasy, 3 still have the made in China sticker on them). If you have a MAK-90 or a Polytech, these are essential accessories[ ] Package of drum, pouch, and 4 mags for $170.00 shipped CONUS, Priority, Insured. I don't have Paypal, so a m.o. will have to do. Please PM to claim. Pic:
  4. Midwest sporting Goods Downers Grove, Illinois 630-971-0101 Tell 'em Mark sent ya'. There's a 22" bbl with rib on top for $350, and a 18" with rifle sights for $325 Neither are converted, but if you're interested, give them a call. Ask for Dominick if he's available.
  5. I's like to take the 4 mags and pouch for $170.00 shipped. I have a Chinese AK drum to throw in as trade. PM sent.
  6. I wish I had one, I'd take you up on that. If you still will take $, let me know.
  7. *** SOLD *** For Sale: (1) 5-pack of Polish Synthetic slabside 7.62 AK mags, wrapped in factory original waxpaper, $75.00 shipped CONUS. (1) 4-pack of the same mags, in the waxpaper, (I just decided to keep one of them), $60.00 shipped CONUS. Please PM if interested or to claim.
  8. ***SOLD*** $55.00 shipped CONUS for the mount. Was claimed, back up for sale. Please PM to claim.
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