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  1. No. BTW, it appears the three screw "gen 3" version does not center overbore... However, the quick detach "gen 5" does center. Lastly, compact scopes don't usually mount well on these -they mount too forward for good use. The UTG mounts usually can be found inexpensively.
  2. There is a Thermold 47 round mag... That does not look too dorky in a gun and seems to work. The asking price on these varies alot, it seems.
  3. They seem to make these with some oversize material on the rear latching point, so they can be "fitted" well. As they come, they are to tight in some weapons. Material removed, slowly & with care, off the TOP of the rear lug addresses this. As for the jam...sometimes the followers have some excessive "flash" from the molding process that needs to be smoothed. If you want to addres those, it probably will make it work. In any case, the mag, replaced or not, will have to be fitted to the weapon. Good luck.
  4. I looked at one of these... They are well made with great wood. Despite being a "thumbhole" -it handles fairy well. The mag is a dedicated single stack -plastic...looks rather Saiga-ish. It appears the mag well can be opened up. Interestingly (look at the pic) the rail appears to be a SVD spec one...not the "universal" AK type that is on most AK's. The slant cut receiver is going to be a problem for many.
  5. Sometimes some AK's allow the HP to hit low -hitting & stopping just below the chamber. A little bit of a "chamfer" going into the chamber from about 4-8:00 takes care of this. It is not unlike what a .45acp barrel needs to feed HP. This is not a uncommon problem with the SKS, as well. Use of SP rounds realy increases misfeed risks -the chamfer thing gets it functioning reliably as well.
  6. Great AK's...own a couple. But, the price is a bit out there by $200-$300.
  7. Tapco had a issue with over length springs on the early mags. They offered to replace te springs on the mags that would not fully load. Actually, you can trim your springs, or as I chose, slightly shorten the follower to allow it to fully load...I liked the heavy spring for reliabllity purposes.
  8. FWIW... If you remove the front factory Saiga swivel... Take the swivel loop off of it... Reverse the outter cylinder the attaching screw goes thru (bottom to top)... Enlarge the notches where the loop originally contacted the cylinder & flatten the sides where those notches are just a bit... Then, a standard Harris type bipod will fit right on. I noticed this might work when I found a strange QD stud that did NOT have a hole thru it -I assumed the Saiga stud could be so modiifed. It takes a little tweaking but works fine. I did relocate a swivel despite the fact the Harris has provision for the sling to attach to the 'pod. LG
  9. Some of the early 25 rounders had a follower that was too long... This caused full loading, lock up and feed issues. The answer for these is easy enough -remove 1/4" off the follower bottom and the problem will go away. I heard the later production is supposed to not need this.
  10. If a suitable spring is a issue... The springs in the inexpensive HK G3 mags should be workable, as would a FAL spring and others. That does not seem much like a issue. Followers would be a bit different.
  11. They should get some from Surefire... They work in a factory deminsion mag...w/o the BHO effecting anything (stops too low to).
  12. Another solution to the need to modifiy the floor plate locking plate, the "sub-plate", is to just eliminate it... And secure the floor plate from moving via a small wood/sheet metal screw near it's front. This gains you a little extra space for good function of the 10th round (without quite as much needed removed from the follower bottom). LG .
  13. Google "automats in action" and you'll get Tantal's site that has loads of pics & info. LG
  14. Yeah. All the "ribs" on the Surefire mag body above the floor plate are clearly rails to relocate the floor plate if the mag is shortened. Kinda odd...but, kinda trick. LG
  15. Just a thought... This may be a hard to get/find part as it is probably a desired one. But, since you are having fun anyway now that you removed the "stops" cast in the follower (you did, didn't you? )... You might consider placing a small screw threw the front center of the magazine (protruding just enought to stop the follower) and, a the center of the rear of the mag (doing the same) -taking care that it is AT THE POINT IT NEEDS TO STOP. This should not effect the feed of the rounds, and would return the mag to function -and, with increased cap with your trimmedcut follower. Jus' a idea. LG
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