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    Saiga Ban

    To your last point. It is legal to transport NFA items out of the state the items are registered in. However..... Only after submitting ATF form 20 in duplicate and receiving approval. I don't want anyone to read your last point and think they can drive across state lines without a Form 20. Cheers, -BB
  2. Update: I think the "tear" I pictured above is actually a melted slot caused by a hot brass shell head landing on the previous spent shell. On closer inspection the slot is slightly curved and looks to be melted rather than a mechanical tear. Perfect fit.
  3. Added NobelSport ANSF128 to spreadsheet. Functioned perfectly in MD20 although I did have one spent shell that had a tear as pictured.
  4. Hello GunFun, I will try your suggestions. I am going to try the autoplug with the vents up first. Thanks, -BB
  5. After thinking about this a bit more.... This Saiga is a keeper. I'm going to shut up and shoot. Thanks for the replies, -BB
  6. I have not checked the port size(s). They are as received from the factory. Not sure how to accurately measure without removing the gas block.
  7. The rear trunnion is un-touched although I have not fired any high-brass yet. Good call. I'll run a few 3" mags and have a look. Thanks, -BB
  8. I have converted a number of Saiga-12's. This one is acting a bit strange. As always I lightly profiled and polished the bolt, bolt carrier, hammer, and trigger group. This Saiga-12 has three ports the rear port is partially blocked. I would guess it is actually a 2-7/8 port gun. The "problem" is that when I test fired it the other day it ran Wally World Federal 3 Dram, 1-7/8 oz, 8 Shot with the gas plug in position 1 (one) with zero FTF/FTE.. With my previous Saiga-12's I had to set the gas plug to position 2 in order to reliably fire low-brass bulk ammo. The only thing different
  9. bbm3

    Saiga 12 FTF

    Additionally regarding the Auto Plug.. You should adjust it using the lightest loads you plan to use FIRST. Once it is adjusted to run your light loads reliably the Auto Plug should run heavy loads without adjustment. It sounds from your post that you are starting with heavy loads.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Shelves are bare here in Colorado Springs. Your Welcome I order ammo from them all the time and the ship times are the best in the industry. They also are not killing people on prices with most stuff. The 223 has went up of course and a few bucks here and there on other stuff but no rape. My Walmarts have 7mm only. Hell one of the employees was buying it when it came in and then selling it out of his trunk. Shit like that pisses me off but he will be gone soon. I ordered a bunch of .223 and 12ga right after I posted my Thanks to you on Saturday. Got a shippi
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Shelves are bare here in Colorado Springs.
  12. All ammo is nearly impossible to find these days. Even raw components, powder, shells, primers, and bullets. Crazy Times.
  13. I can vouch for deerslayer. I bought my third S12 from him; perfect transaction. He is one of the good guys.
  14. I have to ask why? Particularly with a shotgun, with both eyes open simply point and shoot! I understand the benefit of a high power flashlight mounted or freehand in low light however "night sights" on a shotgun I do not.
  15. I don't know how helpful that video is for someone field stripping and re-assembling for the first time. It takes him over 2 minutes just to re-assemble the bolt and bolt carrier. Should be able to do the entire job in under a minute. It is kind of entertaining though.
  16. A couple of love taps with a rubberized dead blow hammer per the red arrow.
  17. Thanks for the kind words. These S12's are just too cool. And thanks again to Mr. Glocker for the lead to discount EOTech's from MS Live Search / eBay. I'll be at the range tomorrow AM for some more blasting ; can't wait! -BB
  18. First off thanks for the great site. I stumbled upon this site the night before I was going to purchase a Benelli M4. Without question the Saiga 12 is one great shotgun. I bought my first S12 two weeks ago; fired it the day it arrived at my FFL and ordered 2 more the same day. I have done the obligatory modifications to the first one as well as some tuning to the bolt and bolt carrier. While the action was a bit rough out of the box it now operates as smooth as any of my full auto stuff. I have a number of NFA class III firearms and the Saiga 12 is every bit as much fun at a sma
  19. There are three screws for the butt stock. The third is under the dust cover button / recoil spring. With the dust cover off, push the button and spring forward and remove it from the slots, you'll see screw number 3.
  20. bbm3

    Shopping list

    Plus a grip screw and nut $10
  21. link? Here is Tromix's answer: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...23550&st=42 And another suggestion: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...23550&st=39
  22. I think I got the last 19" from DPH today. Sorry I also bought one from Broad Mountain Ent. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=113904559 I haven't received mine from Broad Mountain yet so I can not vouch for them however their feedback is excellent. Good Luck!
  23. I just called, they are sold out ;(
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