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  1. Great game, I have not used any other weapon the shotty! feel free to add me as a friend on XBL my name is PISSIN RAZORS
  2. No, the new unit will be made up of the ISAF plus a skeleton stock, this will also be a all in one unit. What I am getting at is if I have a converted S12 could I simply just replace the stock I have now with your folding stock to clear the MD20 or would I have to buy the ISAF/ISA and your stock for it to clear??? -COS Sorry, I misunderstood. The new stock will come with it's own special ISAF that is designed specifically for it to clear the drum. Correct me if Im wrong So if I purchase an regular ISA from you right now I will not be able to utilize
  3. Is your hammer spring in the correct way, or is it forcing the hammer into the cocked position instead of the striker position?
  4. you s.o.b. I almost starting digging a hole in my backyard
  5. Cameron, That is an awesome Idea! and you absolutley right! we all need to take an active role in protecting our rights! ................and not trying to hijack but I am an NRA recuiter so if anyone isnt a member please PM me and I can get you set up. Thanks for your support Cameron.
  6. I think the Leepers quad rail is supposed to be out this month and I think it is supposed to be under $100. does anybody know if that is on schedule? not trying to hijack your thread but it might be an option to look at.
  7. but my question is HOW to polish? I have never really done any gunsmithing before and I am not really sure on which bits to use with my dremel and EXACTLY how to do it correctly. The last thing I want to do is mess the action up in my favorite zombie slayer. I am interested in polishing the action for a more reliable feed but I am also interested in polishing the outside of the action because...well it looks badass! if anyone has any insight that would be great....or if I have missed an existing thread I apologize. If anyone knows of someone ...I would also be wiling to send out my parts
  8. mars05

    MD 2nd run

    SHIT mike! I had no idea when I started this thread it was gunna spin this way when I inquired if we were on schedule for shipping! anyway I am still excited about my drum, saw one at the Berea gun show today and it gave me hard on! All the cheap SOB's worried about a fucking 35$ mod aint buying fucking high brass anyway!!!!! cant wait to get my hands on that zombie slayer! Cheers to your integrity Mike!
  9. mars05

    MD 2nd run

    i agree I am excited just thinging about taking it to my local range and killin some paper zombies!!! So nobody has heard anything about the 2nd run I now live in fear that 11 or more zombies will come to my house and my brains will be eaten in between mag changes!!!
  10. mars05

    MD 2nd run

    I know the date on the Mikes Web site is tentative ship date of 1-02-09 for the 2nd round drums to ship. Just wondering if we are on pace for that date or not. I am NOT by any means trying to be impatient but just more excited. Thanks again mike for making such a great product, and I cant wait to get my grubby little hands on my drum. Happy new year Saigaheads
  11. Hi all, I am trying to find a case for my saiga IZ109 that will allow at least 4-5 mags to be stored as well. everything I find either has compartments made for smaller mags or just single shot shells. Is there such a case made just for our pride and joy's or has anyone converted one? Maybe I overlooked it but if its out there I would appreciate a push in the right direction. Thanks for your hel[ in advance!
  12. you could always duct tape a bath towel around it and hit the intruder with it. as for me, if somone kicks my front door in the cops will only have to type ONE statement.
  13. mars05

    Saiga 12 or 20?

    hard to say if its a good deal, can you ask them for a parts list. If they did a full conversion they will be happy to suply that to you.
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