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  1. Got back into the big bore AR-15 market. We sell parts and complete uppers for the 458 SOCOM, 375 SOCOM, and 450 Bushmaster AR's. We also did a few small runs of 475 SOCOM, 440 SOCOM, 10mm SOCOM, and 358 SOCOM parts. We'll probably do a 500 SOCOM and 338 SOCOM down the road. Tony
  2. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the birthday wishes.....I turned 51. I don't get over here much anymore since I'm not really building many Saigas these days. I'm working on the last 10 or so right now. At one time I had a four year backlog with hundreds of orders stacked up and was selling $80,000 in parts each month. Now I might get a Saiga inquiry once every couple of months and sell about $800 a month in Saiga parts. It was a good 12 year run though......I had a lot of fun with all you guys over the years. Tony Rumore Tromix
  3. Tanfoglio TA-90 chambered in 22TCM-9R sporting a 5.5 inch fluted barrel (bottom).
  4. Does anyone here know if the Catamount Fury uses the same type of drop-down trigger pack assembly like the DDI-12? Tony Rumore Tromix
  5. I'm thinking a different hand guard, HK sights, thread the barrel, lose the front picatinny rails, change the grip, add a folding buttstock, SBR it........maybe then it would be cool. Who wants to send me the first one? Labor will be free. Tony Rumore Tromix
  6. Mike sent me a video years ago, of him shooting the prototype aluminum double stack mag. It worked perfectly. Tony Rumore Tromix
  7. The Tromix bolt carrier extension is purposely made a bit long for the gas tube, so you can fit it to your gun. Tony Rumore Tromix
  8. You can either do the Form 1 ahead of time, or we can register it here on a Form 2 for you, then transfer it via a Form 3 to a third class dealer in your state. Then it would transfer to you via a Form 4. Tony Rumore Tromix
  9. I just thought I would let you guys know, our lead time for getting work done on your Saiga-12 is down to only 90 days. At one time, it was a four year wait. Tony Rumore Tromix www.Tromix.com
  10. Don't do it like this. Tony Rumore Tromix
  11. We sell the tubes that go with the short pistons. Tony Rumore Tromix
  12. We have never sold RWC any of our brakes. If I am not mistaken, we did quote them at one time, but they never purchased. Tony Rumore Tromix
  13. The Tromix 5/8-24 .308 shark brakes are being discontinued. MAA and CSS may have a few left in stock. Tony Rumore Tromix
  14. The Tromix Saiga-12 firing pins are being discontinued. If you want a spare, Mississippi Auto Arms and Carolina Shooters Supply probably have a few left. Tony Rumore Tromix
  15. +1 on that. I have about 100 AR magazines and they all work just fine. None are Magpul. If I actually "needed" some mags, I might try a Magpul, but I don't.
  16. Pauly posted earlier to contact him directly at Paulyski@gmail.com Tony
  17. Be careful firing customer's guns like that and posting vids. Many don't care, but there are plenty of customers that don't like it when you "fuck around" with their gun. It will eventually bite you in the ass if you don't clear it with the customer first. And yes, I am sure it needed to be test fired, but that may not include a continuous mag dump and video. Just an industry tip. Tony Rumore Tromix
  18. It's not a gun free zone in front of the security screening area. Anyone can walk into the airport and check a firearm at the counter. Tony
  19. You don't give a shit whether someone posts a pic on the internet with their finger on the trigger, or refers to a magazine as a clip. Tony
  20. That seems a bit hard to me, Jack. I'm thinking more like 42 on the c scale. Tony
  21. I have a Fenix RC40. It's rechargable and tosses out 3500 Lumen. It's a lot handier than the antique Q-Beam style. Tony
  22. Something has obviously moved in the fire control geometry after I set it up. The travel stops are tig welded in place, so that is not it. The receiver has flexed/moved or the Tapco components were off-center/oliptical and rotated to change the engagement......something like that. The only fix is to reset the engagement surfaces. If you e-mail me your contact info, I will issue a UPS return label at my expense to have the gun picked up and sent back to fix it up. E-mail is Rumore@Tromix.com Tony Rumore Tromix
  23. I've played around with thermal sights a bit and the biggest problem in civilian hands is you can't identify your target like you can with normal night vision. So in order to shoot something, you need to be sure that what you're looking at is alright to shoot.
  24. I don't know about with Russian ammo, but several years ago I took a pair of .223 Saiga's and shot a pile of groups with different handloads. I used a 12x Leupold Target scope for the test. Out of all the groups combined (5 shots at 100 yards) the average was 2.25" for one rifle and 2.5" for the other. Some groups were down around an inch, but others were up around 4" or so. Tony
  25. I've done about a dozen of them in 12", 10", and 8" lengths. They run fine. Tony Rumore Tromix
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