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    The 5.45x39 picture thread

    I figured I'd see if I could sneak this one in, maybe get it stickied! Everyone who has a 5.45x39, show it off :-D I already have in the other thread, but I'll post it again here just for the sake of this thread : EDIT : I just got on the spare Saiga furniture I had from the first one that I painted green. Looks great :-D Now let's see your beast! EDIT : Please try to stay on-topic, this is the PICTURES THREAD NOT the chit-chat thread. Thanks.
  2. Well, I was bored and I was complaining how the mag clamps are $12. Well, my buddy decided we should just go the ghetto / African / Middle Eastern insurgent route and do this : THE BOLT WAS NOT IN THE CARRIER FOR THESE PICS THE BOLT WAS NOT IN THE CARRIER FOR THESE PICS Win or fail? :-P EDIT : added bonus, we were also bored and discovered the Spetsnaz reload Yes, that is me That'll ding up your HG, so if you're a cry-baby about your rifle having nicks in it, don't do that ;-P
  3. Big Boss

    us made metal magazines designed for the saiga .223

    Uhhh.... 1. Not here in NY 2. Not on a range were the cops qualify and frequently practice Gotta keep certain uh..."perversions" under wraps in this area. Not that I have any interest in big phallic mags, of course. That's funny, I'm in NY and I have no problem getting pre-ban mags. Don't worry about cops, if you're not breaking the law, what can they do? Nothing.
  4. Big Boss

    New Jersey Gun laws

    No such thing as a pre-ban mag in NJ, they do not grandfather magazines or firearms. The magazine capacity limit is 15.
  5. Big Boss

    Saiga gas tube cover removal?

    I just used a screwdriver to knock the spotwelds off and repainted it.
  6. Big Boss

    Introducing the u308 20 round Magazine

    I'm an NYer with two Saiga rifles so far, been looking at a .223 or .308 next, do you think a 10 round only version might be possible in the future for us poor fools in lame states? Will you be looking at making mags for the other chamberings like 5.45, .223 and 7.62?
  7. Big Boss

    Sons of Guns Red Jacket on now...

    Man, those first two episodes were great and featured a lot of Saiga action. Will seems like a really funny guy but the type that knows how to reel it and get down to business (obviously, since he runs one, successfully). I like that there doesn't seem to be any "charaters" in his staff, they all seem to be level-headed talented folks that are more in it for the business than the showmanship. I appreciate that, too many "reality" shows nowadays have way too much false characterization, you know the producers tell the people to act like that. Pawn Stars, for example, Chumlee really cannot be that dumb, or else they wouldn't have him work there. But it makes for a good show, so they tell him to play it up. Glad to see that isn't the case here.
  8. Legally you can put a thumbhole style stock on it to move the trigger forward. Magazine cap is 5 on detachable magazines for shotguns, not 10 like it is for rifles. With all due respect to the LEO, sorry sir, the NY AWB does not regulate vertical foregrips, only pistol grips that support the firing hand to manipulate the trigger, as it was during the 1994-2004 AWB, of which New York has mirrored exactly and upheld all rulings the BATFE made during that era on features that are allowed and not. It is a confusing issue and it's easy to misunderstand the intent and wording of the law. Also note that unlike rifles, the detachable magazine itself is an assault weapon feature on a semi-automatic shotgun. That is why the only stock set you can use is a thumbhole stock. For rifles, the fact of it having a detachable magazine is part of the requirements for its classification as an assault weapon (rifles with a fixed mag like the SKS, for example, would not fall under the AWB regulations).
  9. Big Boss

    What exactly does Pre-ban mean?

    I dunno what mental process lead these people to believe it has anything to do with the 1986 machinegun registry closure. Post-ban / pre-ban is a term from the 1994-2004 Assault Weapon Ban days, some states like NY, NJ and CA have these types of bans, and generally (but not always), they include a grandfather clause that allows weapons with the banned features that already existed before the law was passed to be legal to sell. In almost all areas, the term is meaningless now, there is no AWB and hasn't been for six years. In said states, post-ban means that the weapon cannot exceed a specific amount of restricted features.
  10. Big Boss

    ATI Strikeforce foldable stock

    ATI is generally crap, don't buy their stocks.
  11. Ah, damn. Hopefully that doesn't happen, if it does, I'll go with a better grip.
  12. Had to make a collar for the UTG forearm, my model is older. This thing started out as a "Revelation R310C", a model of Mossberg 500C made for Western Auto. 26" barrel was reduced to 18", the original bead was re-installed and it was ported in the style of this Mossberg 185KA 20 gauge bolt-action, 5 vertical cuts down the side. I plan on getting an OLight T15 1xAA model light and a CR123A battery tube for it. I am also most likely getting a Beamshot green laser for it.
  13. Big Boss

    NY pre ban mag law?

    Save up, send your cousin a money order and have him order a bunch of pre-bans with a pre-paid credit card. They'll sit happily and legally in his house and you can use them whenever you go over there / if SHTF.
  14. Big Boss

    Convert My Saiga 7.62x39 or Buy a Different AK

    Convert it yourself, it's stupidly easy. I'm in NY, so if you want some help, I can help you.
  15. Big Boss

    NY pre ban mag law?

    The specifics are : don't buy a post ban mag. Identifying a pre-ban AK 5.45 or 7.62x39 mag is easy. Is it Communist surplus? Excellent, it's pre-ban.
  16. Big Boss

    For the single bolt adapter...

    Bad advice, red is permanent. Use green.
  17. Big Boss

    Found a good deal on 30 round Promags...

    They could give them away for free and it'd still be a rip-off. Screw ProMag.
  18. Yeah, I've been buying a bunch of guns lately. First is the latest acquistion, I got this today. Romanian SKS with an ATI stock and detachable 5 rounder for $250. Had to mod the stock so the bayonet doesn't hang down all retarded. Appears to be 1960 manufacture. Great shape. Everyone knows the Ruger 10/22. $238 after taxes. Bolt-action 12 gauge, 5+1, 2 3/4" only made by High Standard for Sears and Roebuck under their JC Higgins brand. Yes, I am aware of the pointless recall on this weapon, it only affects idiots that do not pay attention to their bolt stop screw being stripped. I only paid $25 for it, it's in GREAT shape. The bolt looks much better after I hit it up with a Dremel and Nevr-Dull. The barrel was cut down to 21 inches from 26"-28" (the manual shows a much longer barrel and it was clear the barrel was cut, no bead, wonky end). I cleaned it up with a file, looks great, and my buddy's brother-in-law is a gunsmith, he popped a bead on there for $10.
  19. Don't bother, buy Dinzag's feed ramp and use double-stack 10 round AK mags, they're $10-15 apiece as opposed to $30-40 apiece for Saiga mags.
  20. Big Boss

    Would this be legal?

    With a Saiga 12, you can reach compliance without conversion by using a US-made handguard, a US-made magazine and if you have a threaded barrel, a US-made muzzle device on it.
  21. I've been trying to make my Saiga rifles visually distinctive from eachother from the start by getting green furniture for the 5.45. I wanted to go further. You may recall my previous thread where I polished up my bolt carrier, that was the start. I removed the finish from the trigger and polished it, however, I liked the look of that so much, I did it to the 5.45x39 Saiga as well. I decided that the next mod I wanted to try was venting my handguard. My buddy had just got a Dremel tool and a lot of accessories, so we vented it up. After that was said and done, I decided that the plate on the gas tube was ugly as hell, so I removed it with a flathead screwdriver and a hammer and painted it with some glossy engine enamel paint I had laying around. It doesn't match the rifle's finish, but I don't care. Anyway, here it is for now : Some tips : venting is easy, just take your time and measure carefully. We used the Dremel to drill the pilot holes then mill it out, then sandpapered it. We cut the angle with his cutting wheel. I didn't bother sanding that bit because really, aside from a nick one one of the cuts, it doesn't look that bad. I was going to port the gas tube, but decided against it...for now ;-P
  22. Big Boss

    Converters in CNY?

    I forgot to mention that I lack access to a drill press or a tap handle set, sorry.
  23. Big Boss

    Converters in CNY?

    I live about an hour or so from Rochester, so if you need some help and can get here, let me know and we'll work something out. I won't "do it" for you, but I can certainly provide tools, space and experience to help you complete the task.
  24. Big Boss

    What size of Tipton Rod?

    Why not use the rod and kit provided with the Saiga? Did you not get one? O_o
  25. Big Boss


    Why would you want a piece of rebar hitting you in the face? :-P If you want a quality AK folding stock set-up, go with either an AK-100 style solid folder or an ACE receiver block and a folding mechanism.