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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I have sold the rifle only to someone planning a conversion. They offered a few bucks more than I paid for just the rifle so that was an easy deal. I quess I will sell the rest individually now. The lowest I have seen on ebay or gunbroker for 10 rd mags is about $14.95, I got a good deal on them so I could probably go a little lower than that. Anybody have opinions on fair pricing for everything minus the rifle sold individually?
  2. I bought this new last December with one 10 round magazine. Since then I have purchased: 4 more 10 round magazines. Allan rifle case with magazine pockets. Tapco cleaning kit for AK-47 type rifles. Silicone gun sock and trigger lock. I also have in the neighborhood of 200 rounds of Wolf ammo in this caliber. I now need to sell. I want to get some opinions from the Saiga experts. What would be a fair price for this entire package?
  3. I see the notation V47. That is the number for the Vulcan Armament ak clones. Check out www.vulcan armament.com. Vulcan Armament was formerly known as Hesse Arms. If you search in this or any ak forum about this particular ak conversion company you will probably find they have a very poor quality reputation. This gunbroker seller is from Minnesota the original home of Hesse Arms which also makes me suspect the source of these conversions.
  4. RDSWriter, Do you have links to your source for this info. That is the first time I have heard that the ATF had declared LCFD(Large Capacity Feeding Device)=LCMM(Large Capacity Military Magazine). The factory saiga 30 round mag would definately be illegal in a foreign made rifle then.
  5. saul

    ak mags

    The shape of the top of the mag is different as well. For an ak mag. You need to add a feedramp to a saiga for normal ak mags to work. You should find the directions for this among the information on the following site. http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/ Once you have added the feedramp and modified the mag catch area then the rifle will physically work with ak mags but it is not legal. The large capacity military mag on a foreign made semi-auto rifle is not allowed. See the link below for primary resources on the laws that govern this. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=4206 You will probably need the rest of the conversion information on the cross-conn link to add enough parts to make you legal.
  6. Email tantal and ask what his current price on 10 rd mags is. He is usually the most competative. He used to have a quantity deal a few months back. tantal@sbcglobal.net
  7. These guys are advertizing Barnaul, but the fine print list that it may be tiger, barnaul or silver bear. Maybe you can contact them and specify a brand? http://makarov.com/cart/ammobox.htm
  8. That mount is from Yukon Advanced Optics I believe. If you google that name you should get a link to the vender websight. That optic was made for a specific night vision scope if I remember correctly. It should work with red dot sight, but it might bring the eye relief in a little too close for other conventional scopes.
  9. This is a link to the regulation that requires a foreign parts conversion when using ak mags in Saiga. http://www.atf.gov/firearms/assault/report.htm
  10. When you use U.S. made plus-ten-cap. mags you have just added 3 U.S. Made parts and must replace only one more on the rifle. When you use foreign made mags you must replace four parts, and a muzzle attachement and pistol grip don't count for those four because the Saiga never had them during import. If you modify ak mags to work only in the Saiga I believe you still must add the four U.S. made parts. That is my opinion and its a gray areas as far as gov't documentation to support it, but better safe than sorry.
  11. The regulations regarding magazine capacity and the sporting purposes test were last updated in 1998 as far as I can research. Click the link below and read the Treasury press release. That contains the most important part of the regs although some of the other links on this page are interesting. http://www.atf.gov/firearms/assault/report.htm According to my reading of the regulation the sporting purposes test is very narrowly applied to Military Magazines, they even create nice new acronym "L.C.M.M." for Large Capacity Military Magazine. I would say that K DAWG is correct in his assumption that factory saiga mags of 30 rounds are legal to use on import rifles.
  12. saul


    There are 20 parts defined on the ATF list. The stock Saiga has 14 of those. So replace 4 defined parts and you are at ten. If you add any of the parts on the full 20 list like a pistol grip or a muzzle attachement they must be U.S. made. The thing to remember is it is not about the parts you add it is about keeping the foreign parts below ten. 1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings (2) Barrels (3) Barrel extensions <edit>-not on saiga (4) Mounting blocks (trunions) (5) Muzzle attachments <edit>-not on saiga (6) Bolts (7) Bolt carriers (8) Operating rods <edit>-not on saiga (9) Gas pistons (10) Trigger housings <edit>-not on saiga (11) Triggers (12) Hammers (13) Sears <edit>-not on saiga (14) Disconnectors (15) Buttstocks (16) Pistol grips <edit>-not on stock imported saiga (17) Forearms, handguards (18) Magazine bodies (19) Followers (20) Floorplates
  13. cvasqu30 this is the parts list you were hoping for from the BATF. (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings (2) Barrels (3) Barrel extensions <edit>-not on saiga (4) Mounting blocks (trunions) (5) Muzzle attachments <edit>-not on saiga (6) Bolts (7) Bolt carriers (8) Operating rods <edit>-not on saiga (9) Gas pistons (10) Trigger housings <edit>-not on saiga (11) Triggers (12) Hammers (13) Sears <edit>-not on saiga (14) Disconnectors (15) Buttstocks (16) Pistol grips <edit>-not on stock imported saiga (17) Forearms, handguards (18) Magazine bodies (19) Followers (20) Floorplates I have not done it myself, but many other knowledgable folks on this forum have affirmed that the U.S. made disconnectors do work. Correct me if I am wrong, but the trigger that is one solid piece on an ak is three separate parts on a Saiga. The hook which contacts the hammer, the linkage arm and the trigger itself which contacts the shooters finger. To get the BATF to answer which portions of this constitute #(11) Triggers above would involve the BATF agent actually looking at a Saiga. When I read the letter you received I don't think that the writer did much more than look up the fact that Saiga rifles are made in Russia. U.S. made gas pistons, hammers and disconnectors should fit. Now what the "large-capacity only" converters among us need is a U.S. made sporter stock or handguard. to get us down to ten foreign parts, including the Saiga trigger and all three foreign mag parts. Even a U.S. made bolt carrier might prove easy to drop in. There just isn't enough demand for Tapco or K-var to produce that fourth magic Saiga part.
  14. While I haven't seen the contents of this latest letter yet, I believe that a factory Saiga mag of thirty rounds is legal while the 30 round ak mag is not. The import regulations that cover magazine capacity in imported semi-autos very specifically cover military mags which a saiga mag is not.(although only a few millimeters of metal and plastic make it different from the ak mag.) http://www.atf.gov/firearms/assault/report.htm Read the press release and tell me if you interpret the regulation the same way I do?
  15. You are right I have not done an exhaustive study of Hmong history or any abuses they might have perpetrated on the immigration or welfare system. My experiences come mostly from one man about my age that I worked with for a short while. He worked two jobs and told stories of his father being a "veteran". He also told me that when he left his country as a boy that his family didn't want to leave, but they were afraid of being killed. My family came to this country generations ago. They were fleeing from starvation and not violence. I for one, still would like the immigration laws in this country to give preference to those leaving violence behind. I will probably always believe that, because my wife just happens to be the child of Cuban exiles. Dodgeturbointerceptor, you and I can disagree about this. We can disagree about whether the Hmong really were fleeing violence when they came here. I won't call you a jarine. Nor do I enjoy seeing others do so. The thing I think we all need to agree on is that Vang's actions need to be separated from what everyone thinks of the Hmong population in that region as a whole, good or bad.
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